Kylie Rice, SGA President


Kylie Rice


Roswell, GA


Political Science

Fun fact about Kylie

I was a competitive gymnast for 10 years!
SGA President, Kylie Rice



What has Kylie done in SGA?

Kylie has been involved in SGA since the beginning of her collegiate career. During her first year, she served as the Freshman Class President for the Class of 2025. In this role, she organized the "Aggie Race," a campus-wide scavenger hunt to promote the visibility of campus resources. In her sophomore year, she was a member of the Judicial Council, where she encouraged civic engagement and led social media campaigns dedicated to voter education. Her most recent role was as Attorney General, overseeing the judicial council and collaborating with the University Police Department to ensure campus safety. Furthermore, she advocated for and educated students involved in misconduct cases. Kylie also played a key role in organizing political education events, including National Voter Registration Day events, "Know Before You Go" voting events, and voter registration drives that successfully registered over 500 students. Through it all, Kylie remains a student first, values the relationships she has made with the campus community, and looks forward to those she will create in the future.

Goals for the upcoming year

The Change Administration hopes to improve the student experience, promote knowledge and usage of campus resources, and increase participation in on-campus student events by maximizing Aggie Pride. We hope to create a campus culture where all students feel welcomed and valued while highlighting their responsibilities both civically and socially. We strive to set an example and advocate alongside the rest of the Aggies to bring about the change we want to see. By increasing our accessibility and visibility, we hope to inspire you to do the same. 

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