The purpose of this website is to make it easier for the NCAT community to report matters of concern. Please review the descriptions for each of the reports below by expanding the section; then clicking for the Submit Report button, which contains additional details. 

If you believe that a situation you are reporting is an emergency and requires immediate attention, please first call NCATPD at (336)334-7675 or 911 (off-campus).

This form is to report possible violations of the Title IX policy like: sexual harassment, sexual abuse, rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, sexual coercion, and stalking. Reports made to Title IX are not the same as reports to NCAT Police.


This form is to report complaints regarding conduct of University Police or Campus Security officers. It may also be used to call for those personnel to be commended for a job well done.

This form is to be completed whenever an individual or organization associated with our institution with significant responsibility for student and campus activities becomes aware of a crime that has taken place. The awareness can come from are port by a victim, witness or other third party or even the offender. It is important that this form be completed immediately, as this may be the basis for determining if there is a serious or continuing threat to the safety of the campus community that would require an alert (i.e., a timely warning or emergency notification).


Report possible violations of the Student Code of Conduct, which may include, but are not limited to, behaviors such as use of alcohol, drugs, disorderly conduct, harassment, physical violence, or other violations of university policies, regulations, or rules.


Report information regarding University-owned Housing facilities, including but not limited to pets, visitation violations, smoking, or destroying residence hall property. If the student of concern you are referring poses an immediate threat to self or others, please call 911 or NCAT Police 336-334-7675.


Concerning behavior encompasses a broad range of actions and/or observations, including but not limited to: mental health concerns/issues; inappropriate display of anger or emotion; suicide ideation or attempt; significant changes in appearance, hygiene, or behavior. If the student of concern you are referring poses an immediate threat to self or others, please call 911 or NCAT Police 336-334-7675

Submit Report

For matters where an informal resolution is not feasible, a Student Complaint Form can be completed using this link, or filed with the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Office located in Suite 100 Murphy Hall. Action response dates by responsible parties are recorded on the form as well as the name of specific responding staff member.


Report allegations of hazing, which includes, but is not limited to, humiliation practices, kidnapping, line-ups and drills, verbal abuse, threats, servitude deprivation of sleep or food, beating or paddling of any form, etc.

Hazing is against the law, and the University has a zero-tolerance policy concerning such. Rites and traditions vary from chapter to chapter; some are secret, but none should involve abuse of any kind. 

If you have concerns that hazing may be occurring, please contact the Office of Student Activities and speak with a staff member. If you would like to anonymously report a hazing incident, you can contact University Police on their anonymous tip line at 336-334-7879.