Lobby Hours with Arch Mortgage Insurance

10:00 AM - 02:00 PM
Willie A. Deese College of Business and Economics

Attending Lobby Hours is beneficial for a range of reasons that aren’t limited to getting a job or internship offer. While that may be the end goal, there are plenty of other opportunities to be found at these events including practicing your elevator speech, getting your resume critiqued, and learning more about job opportunities at specific companies. Lobby Hours can also provide insight into industries and companies that you might not have considered previously.

Tips for a successful Lobby Hours experience: (1) Conduct some preliminary research on the company. (2) Attend earlier in the morning to increase your chances of having more one-to-one time with the company representatives. (3) Have your 60-second elevator speech rehearsed and ready. (4) Bring a copy of your resume to provide to the company representative. (5) Dress in business casual or business professional clothes.

And don’t forget … things like strong eye contact, a pleasant smile, and professional, confident body language help communicate to recruiters your readiness for the workplace.

About Arch Mortgage Insurance:

Arch Mortgage Insurance Company is the flagship U.S. based mortgage insurer of Arch Capital Group Ltd., a Bermuda public limited liability insurance and reinsurance company with approximately $6.5 billion in capital operating through its subsidiaries worldwide. Our company is committed to our employees and our customers. We offer competitive compensation, valuable benefits, professional development and a culture that supports and encourages teamwork, collaboration and innovation.

For more information, please visit the firm’s Handshake page at https://ncat.joinhandshake.com/employers/18158 or http://www.archcapgroup.com/.

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