Kimberly Ann King Bell

Assistant Professor in Health Psychology

Kimberly Ann King Bell
College of Health & Human Sciences


New Science Building 224
Ph.D.Psychology / Howard University
M.S.Psychology / Howard University
B.A.Psychology / Southern Illinois Univeristy

Recent Publications

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  • Kimberly King Bell, Ihori Kobayashi, Yianchu Chen, Thomas Mellman (2018). (First Author). Journal of Sleep Research.
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  • Kimberly King Bell, Ihori Kobayashi, Ameenat Akeeb, Joseph Lavela, Mellman Thomas (2013). (Emotional response to perceived racism and nocturnal heart rate variability in young adult African Americans). 121, pp. 14. Journal of Psychosomatic Resear h.
  • Carlota Ocampo, Kimberly King Bell (In Memorium: Leslie Hicks). American Psychologist.