Mohammed Mawlana

Assistant Professor

Mohammed Mawlana
College of Science and Technology

Department of Built Environment

Price Hall 111 A
B.S.Civil Engineering / American University of Sharjah
Ph.D.Building Engineering / Concordia University
MSEBuilding Engineering / Concordia University

Research Interests

Automation in construction; intelligent and sustainable infrastructure; smart construction/cities; optimization and simulation of construction operations; high-performance computing; risk analysis of construction projects; selection of construction methods; lifecycle cost analysis; modular construction; green renovations; and integrated traffic and construction planning.

Recent Publications

  • Shide Salimi, Mohammed Mawlana, Amin Hammad, Shide Salimi, Mohammed Mawlana (2018). (Performance analysis of simulation-based optimization of construction projects using High Performance Computing). 87, pp. 158-172 ). AUTOMATION IN CONSTRUCTION.
  • Mohammed Mawlana, Faridaddin Vandatikhaki, Ahmad Doriani, Amin Hammad, Faridaddin Vandatikhaki, Mohammed Mawlana (2015). (Integrating 4D modeling and discrete event simulation for phasing evaluation of elevated urban highway reconstruction projects). 60, pp. 25-38 ). AUTOMATION IN CONSTRUCTION.
  • Mohammed Mawlana, Amin Hammad, Amin Hammad, Mohammed Mawlana (2015). (Joint probability for evaluating the schedule and cost of stochastic simulation models). (3) 29, pp. 380-395 ). ADVANCED ENGINEERING INFORMATICS.