Nicole Dobbins

Part-Time Instructor

Nicole Dobbins
College of Education

Educator Preparation

Proctor Hall 270
Ph.D.Special Education / University of Nevada Las Vegas
MEDSpecial Education / University of Nevada Las Vegas
B.A.Psychology / Spelman College


Dr. Nicole Dobbins has a Ph.D. in Special Education with an emphasis in the areas of emotional & behavioral disorders, autism, and administration. Her scholarship is focused on providing teachers with effective academic, behavioral, social, & cultural strategies for diverse learners with an emphasis on Universal Design for Learning. She has presented at regional, national & international conferences & published several manuscripts in these areas. She teaches undergraduate and graduate special education courses. Dr. Dobbins has over 15yrs experience teaching and mentoring general and special education teacher candidates.

Research Interests

Special Education, Mild Disabilities, Universal Design for Learning, Inclusive Teaching Practices, Cultural Relevant Pedagogy

Recent Publications

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