Wiley S Brown

Assistant Professor

Wiley S Brown
College of Business & Economics


B.S.Marketing / Appalachian State University
MBABusiness Administration / Appalachian State University
Ph.D.Information Systems & Operations Management / The University of North Carolina Greensboro

Recent Publications

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  • Wiley Brown, Prashant Palvia (2015). (Critical Issues in EHR Implementation: Provider and Vendor Perspectives). 36, pp. 707-725 ). COMMUNICATIONS OF THE ASSOCIATION FOR INFORMATION SYSTEMS.
  • AA AbuGhazaleh, Wiley Brown, Salam Ibrahim (2008). (Milk conjugated linoleic acid response to fish oil and linseed oil supplementation of grazing dairy cows). (5) 21, pp. 663 ). ASIAN AUSTRALASIAN JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCES.
  • AA AbuGhazaleh, Jose Alvarez, Beatriz Arellano-Reynoso, Wiley Brown, Rigoberto Castro, Maria Delgado, Salam Ibrahim, Irene Mendoza, S Nikbin, AA Shadparvar (2007). (Sensitivity Analysis of Relative Net Income of Iranian Holstein Cows to Prices). (1) 1, pp. 13–17 ). Research Journal of Dairy Sciences.