Albert C Esterline

Associate Professor

Albert C Esterline
College of Engineering

Computer Science

McNair Hall 517
M.S.Mathematics / University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Ph.D.Computer and Information Sciences / University of Minnesota Twin Cities
B.A.Lawrence University

Research Interests

Dr. Esterline’s research includes the area of formal methods: classical formalisms (such as Hoare logic, Z, and VDM) and especially concurrency formalisms (including SPIN. CSP, the pi-calculus, part-whole statecharts, and modal and temporal logics), which research has been supported by NASA. He applies category theory, especially in systems engineering (with NASA). Dr. Esterline’s research on multiagent systems has been supported by the Army and NASA; it relates especially to concurrency formalisms and computational microeconomics. NOAA has supported work on multiagent systems for weather monitoring. His enhancement of the WebID single sign-o

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Recent Publications

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