Vijay Singh

Assistant Professor

Vijay Singh
College of Science and Technology


Marteena Hall 308 B
B.S.Physics / St. Stephen''s College
M.S.Physics / Indian Institute of Technology
Ph.D.Physics / Emory University


Vijay Singh is a statistical physicist interested in Physics of Living Systems. He has a BS in Physics from St. Stephens College, Delhi University, India, and an MS in Physics from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India. He got his Ph.D. in Physics from Emory University, Atlanta, USA. He was an independent postdoctoral fellow at the Computational Neuroscience Initiative (CNI) at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. He has been in the department of Physics at NCAT since August 2019.

Research Interests

Vijay studies information processing in biological systems using theoretical and computational approaches. He is currently interested in identifying the principles behind processing of complex mixtures in cellular and olfactory systems. He also works on visual signal processing and is currently focusing on human color perception using computational and psychophysics methods. In the past, he has worked on phase transitions in complex hierarchical networks.

Recent Publications

  • Stefan Boettcher, Vijay Singh, Robert Ziff (2012). (Ordinary percolation with discontinuous transitions). 3, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS.
  • Vijay Singh, Martin Tchernookov, Rebecca Butterfield, Ilya Nemenman (2014). (Director Field Model of the Primary Visual Cortex for Contour Detection). (10) 9, PLOS ONE.
  • Vijay Singh, C. Brunson, Stefan Boettcher (2014). (From explosive to infinite-order transitions on a hyperbolic network). (5) 90, PHYSICAL REVIEW E.
  • Vijay Singh, Stefan Boettcher (2014). (Scaling of clusters near discontinuous percolation transitions in hyperbolic networks). (1) 90, PHYSICAL REVIEW E.
  • Vijay Singh, Martin Tchernookov, Ilya Nemenman (2016). (Effects of receptor correlations on molecular information transmission). (2) 94, PHYSICAL REVIEW E.
  • Vijay Singh, Ilya Nemenman (2017). (Simple biochemical networks allow accurate sensing of multiple ligands with a single receptor). (4) 13, PLOS COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY.
  • Vijay Singh, Nicolas Cottaris, Benjamin Heasly, David Brainard, Johannes Burge (2018). (Computational luminance constancy from naturalistic images). (13) 18, JOURNAL OF VISION.
  • Vijay Singh, Nicolle Murphy, Vijay Balasubramanian, Joel Mainland (2019). (Competitive binding predicts nonlinear responses of olfactory receptors to complex mixtures). (19) 116, pp. 9598-9603. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
  • Vijay Singh, Ilya Nemenman (2020). (Universal Properties of Concentration Sensing in Large Ligand-Receptor Networks). (2) 124, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS.