Ramine C Alexander

Associate Professor

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Benbow Hall 202-A
MPHPublic Health / Virginia Tech
B.S.Exercise Science / Winston-Salem State University
Ph.D.Human Nutrition, Food & Exercise / Virginia Tech


Dr. Alexander's research interest includes engaging medically undeserved areas in community-based participatory research (CBPR) to build community capacity and improve nutrition related outcomes. She focuses on lifestyle risk factors (i.e., diet and physical activity) that have direct relevance to obesity and chronic diseases prevention. Her research involves developing the capacity of community systems in rural regions to adopt and sustain evidence-based programs, all while engaging community members as collaborators in the process. She has conducted research on eval

Research Interests

Community-based participatory research, behavioral interventions targeting obesity related behaviors in low-income and minority populations, childhood obesity, nutrition and physical activity

Recent Publications

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  • Donna-Jean Brock, Paul Estabrooks, Jennie Hill, Morgan Barlow, Ramine Alexander, Bryan Price, Ruby Marshall, Jamie Zoellner, Donna-Jean Brock, Ramine Alexander (2019). (Building and Sustaining Community Capacity to Address Childhood Obesity A 3-Year Mixed-Methods Case Study of a Community-Academic Advisory Board). (1) 42, pp. 62-79 ). FAMILY & COMMUNITY HEALTH.
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  • Jamie Zoellner, Jennie Hill, Wen You, Donna Brock, Madlyn Frisard, Ramine Alexander, Fabiana Silva, Bryan Price, Ruby Marshall, Paul Estabrooks, Ramine Alexander, Jamie Zoellner (2017). (The Influence of Parental Health Literacy Status on Reach, Attendance, Retention, and Outcomes in a Family-Based Childhood Obesity Treatment Program, Virginia, 2013-2015). 14, ). PREVENTING CHRONIC DISEASE.
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