Johnny Clanard Ducking

Associate Professor

Johnny Clanard Ducking
College of Business & Economics


Merrick Hall 137
Ph.D.Economics / University of Kentucky
M.S.Economics / University of Kentucky
MAEconomics / University of Mississippi
B.A.Economics and Math / University of Mississippi


Dr. Ducking received his Ph.D. and MS in Economics from the University of Kentucky. He earned his MA in Economics and his BA in Economics and Math from the University of Mississippi. Dr. Ducking specializes in labor and sports economics with a focus on discrimination and minimum salaries. He has been published in journals such as Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society, Applied Economics, The Review of Black Political Economy, and Applied Economics Letters. He is a member of the American Economic Association, the National Economic Association, and the North American Association of Sports Economists.

Research Interests

Labor Economics, Sports Economics, and Applied Microeconomics

Recent Publications

  • Stephanie Kelly, Alfredo Romero Aguirre, Jennifer Morrow, Zachary Denton, Johnny Ducking (2020). (Instructor Misbehaviors and Math Anxiety). 33, pp. 27-40. Communication Reports.
  • Johnny Ducking, Peter Groothuis, Richard Hill (2015). (Exit Discrimination in the NFL: A Duration Analysis of Career Length). (3) 42, pp. 285-299. The Review of Black Political Economy.
  • Stephanie Kelly, Christopher Rice, Bryce Wyatt, Johnny Ducking, Zachary Denton (2015). (Teacher immediacy and decreased student quantitative reasoning anxiety: The mediating effect of perception). 26, pp. 171-186. Communication Education.
  • Johnny Ducking, Peter Groothuis, Richard Hill (2014). (Compensation discrimination in the NFL: An Analysis of career earnings). (10) 21, pp. 679-682. Applied Economics Letters.
  • Johnny Ducking, Peter Groothuis, Richard Hill (2014). (Minimum Pay Scale and Career Length in the NBA). (4) 53, pp. 617-635. Industrial Relations.