Steven M Culver


Steven M Culver
College of Education

Leadership Studies & Adult Ed

Proctor Hall 149
Ph.D.Educational Research and Evaluation / Virginia Tech University
MAEnglish / Virginia Tech University
B.A.English / Ohio Northern University


Dr. Culver is a Professor in the Leadership Studies Program in the College of Education at North Carolina A & T State University. Previously Director of Assessment and Analysis at NCAT and Associate Provost of Institutional Effectiveness at Virginia Tech, Dr. Culver has over 30 years of experience as a higher education administrator and faculty member. He has served as a research and evaluation consultant to such entities as the Finland Ministry of Education, the College of Engineering at Lund University in Sweden, and Wien Technical University in Vienna, Austria.

Research Interests

Dr. Culver has an extensive publication record that demonstrates his interest in factors that enhance student persistence in higher education, both in the United States and internationally. He is also interested in measuring the quality of education and issues related to assessment of student learning in higher education.

Recent Publications

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