Balasubramanian Ram

Associate Dean- School of Engineering

Balasubramanian Ram
Ph.D.Industrial Engineering / University at Buffalo- State University of New York
M.S.Industrial Engineering / Indian Institute of Technology
B.S.Mechanical Engineering / Indian Institute of Technology

Research Interests

Distributed Scheduling, Agent-based Optimization Modeling, Evacuation Modeling

Recent Publications

  • , Balasubramanian Ram, , Balasubramanian Ram (2014). (MIP-based Models vs. Heuristic Algorithms for Solving Dynamic Network Flow Problems). In Dr. Ahad Ali, pp. 1293-1298 ). Proceedings of: Fourth International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management .
  • , Balasubramanian Ram, , Balasubramanian Ram (2014). (Efficient approaches for furnace loading of cylindrical parts). In Dr. Johann Sienz, (4) 38, pp. 1548-1562 ). Applied Mathematical Modelling.
  • , Balasubramanian Ram, , Balasubramanian Ram (2013). (Two-phase evacuation route planning approach using combined path networks for buildings and roads). In Dr. Mohamed Dessouky, (2) 65, pp. 233-245 ). Computers and Industrial Engineering.
  • Mojahid Osman, Balasubramanian Ram, Paul Stanfield, Funda Samanlioglu, Lauren Davis, Joy Bhaduri, Mojahid Osman, Lauren Davis, Balasubramanian Ram, Paul Stanfield (2010). (Radio Frequency Identification System Optimization Models for Life Cycle of a Durable Product). (9) 48, pp. 2699-2721 ). International Journal of Production Research.
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  • Lorace Massay, Silvanus Udoka, Balasubramanian Ram, Balasubramanian Ram, Silvanus Udoka, Lorace Massay (1995). (Robotic system design: A hierarchical simulation-based approach). (1) 29, pp. 699–703 ). Computers & Industrial Engineering.