Balasubramanian Ram

Associate Dean- School of Engineering

Balasubramanian Ram
College of Engineering

Industrial & Systems Engineering

Ph.D.Industrial Engineering / University at Buffalo- State University of New York
M.S.Industrial Engineering / Indian Institute of Technology
B.S.Mechanical Engineering / Indian Institute of Technology

Research Interests

Distributed Scheduling, Agent-based Optimization Modeling, Evacuation Modeling

Recent Publications

  • , Balasubramanian Ram (2014). (Efficient approaches for furnace loading of cylindrical parts). In Dr. Johann Sienz, (4) 38, pp. 1548-1562. Applied Mathematical Modelling.
  • , Balasubramanian Ram (2014). (MIP-based Models vs. Heuristic Algorithms for Solving Dynamic Network Flow Problems). In Dr. Ahad Ali, pp. 1293-1298. Proceedings of: Fourth International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management .
  • , Balasubramanian Ram (2013). (Two-phase evacuation route planning approach using combined path networks for buildings and roads). In Dr. Mohamed Dessouky, (2) 65, pp. 233-245. Computers and Industrial Engineering.
  • Mojahid Osman, Balasubramanian Ram, Paul Stanfield, Funda Samanlioglu, Lauren Davis, Joy Bhaduri (2010). (Radio Frequency Identification System Optimization Models for Life Cycle of a Durable Product). (9) 48, pp. 2699-2721. International Journal of Production Research.
  • Lorace Massay, Silvanus Udoka, Balasubramanian Ram (1995). (Industry-university partnerships: A model for engineering education in the 21st century). (1) 29, pp. 77–81. Computers & Industrial Engineering.
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