Yi Cai

Assistant Professor

Yi Cai
College of Science and Technology

Applied Engineering Technology

Price Hall 124-A
B.S.Mechatronic Engineering / South China University of Technology
M.S.Industrial and Systems Engineering / The University of Hong Kong
Ph.D.Industrial Engineer / North Carolina State University

Research Interests

Data analysis for improvement of manufacturing processes. Sensor applications for healthcare and transportation. Vibration-assisted medical devices.

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Recent Publications

  • Hantang Qin, Yi Cai, Jingyan Dong, Yuan-Shin Lee (2017). (Direct Printing of Capacitive Touch Sensors on Flexible Substrates by Additive E-Jet Printing with Silver Nanoinks). (3) 139, pp. 031011. Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering.
  • Yi Cai, Jazon Moore, Yuan-Shin Lee (2017). (Novel Surgical Needle Design and Manufacturing for Vibration-assisted Insertion in Medical Applications). (4) 16, pp. 1-11. Computer-Aided Design and Applications.
  • Jianlei Zhang, Binil Starly, Yi Cai, Paul Cohen, Yuan-Shin Lee (2017). (Particle Learning in Online Tool Wear Diagnosis and Prognosis). (3) 28, Journal of Manufacturing Processes.
  • Yi Cai, Binil Starly, Shaurabh Singh, Paul Cohen, Yuan-Shin Lee (2017). (Sensor Data and Information Fusion to Construct Digital-Twins Virtual Machine Tools for Cyber-Physical Manufacturing). 10, Procedia Manufacturing.
  • Yi Cai, Jazon Moore, Yuan-Shin Lee (2017). (Thin-Slots Machining of Compliant Needles for Vibration-assisted Medical Insertion). 10, Procedia Manufacturing.
  • Benjamin Lies, Yi Cai, Eric Spahr, Kevin Lin, Hantang Qin (2018). (Machine Vision Assisted Micro-Filament Detection for Electrohydrodynamic Inkjet Printing). Procedia Manufacturing.
  • Yi Cai, S.H. Choi (2019). (Deposition Group-based Toolpath Planning for Additive Manufacturing with Multiple Robotic Actuators). 34, pp. 584-593. Procedia Manufacturing.
  • Yi Cai, Yi Wang, Morice Burnett (2020). (Using Augmented Reality to Build Digital Twin for Reconfigurable Additive Manufacturing System). 56, pp. 598-604. Journal of Manufacturing Systems.