Jung Hee Kim

Part-Time Instructor

Jung Hee Kim
College of Engineering

Computer Science

McNair Hall 506
Ph.D.Computer Science / Illinois Institute of Technology
M.S.Computer Science / Illinois Institute of Technology
OtherKorea University

Research Interests

The research interests include Text Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, and Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL). Dr. Kim has established an intelligent system lab in the department of computer science at NC A&T. Her collaborators include professors at NC State, Valparaiso University, UNC Greensboro, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort-Wayne, and Northern Illinois University.

Dr. Kim is PI on NSF award: Improving Student Computer Programming Understanding and Engagement through Computer Monitored Problem-Solving (COMPS) Discussions.

Recent Publications

  • Michael Glass, Yesukhei Jagvaral, Melissa Desjarlais, Kelvin Bryant, Jung Hee Kim (2018). (Problem-Independent Text Analytics for Real-Time Judgment of CSCL Typed-Chat Dialogues). In John Meinke, (1) 34, pp. p145-p154. The Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges.
  • Angelica Willis, Ashana Evens, Jung Hee Kim, Kelvin Bryant, Yesukhei Jagvaral, Michael Glass (2017). (Identifying Domain Reasoning to Support Computer Monitoring in Typed-Chat Problem Solving Dialogues). In John Meinke, (no. 2) vol. 33 , pp. 11-19. Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges.
  • Jung Hee Kim, Tae-Hee Kim, Michael Glass (2016). (Early Experiences with Computer Supported Collaborative Dialogue for a 2nd Semester Java Class). (2) 32, pp. 8. The Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges.
  • Paul Munya, Celestine Ntuen, Eui Park, Jung Hee Kim (2015). (A Bayesian Abduction Model for Extracting the Most Probable Evidence to Support Sensemaking). In Dr. David B. Bracewell (general Electric), (1) 6, pp. 1-19. International Journal of Artificial Intelligence & Applications .
  • Michael Glass, Jung Hee Kim, Kelvin Bryant, Melissa Desjarlais (2015). (COME LET US TALK TOGETHER: SIMULTANEOUS CHAT IN COMPUTER-SUPPORTED COLLABORATIVE DIALOGUE ). In John Meinke, (2) 31, pp. p.96 - p.105. The Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges.
  • Lindsay Simpkins, Xiaohong Yuan, Jung Hee Kim (2014). (A Course Module on Click Jacking). (Information Security Education Journal) (2) 1, Society for Information Organization, Harrow. HA # 8NN, UK.
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