Yahya R Kamalipour


Yahya R Kamalipour
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College of Arts Humanities, Soc Sci

Journalism and Mass Comm

OtherSpeech / Marshalltown Community College
B.A.Mass Communication--Public Relations / Minnesota State University
MASpeech / University of Wisconsin- Superior
Ph.D.Speech & Dramatic Art / University of Missouri - Columbia


Profiled in the Contemporary Authors and Who’s Who in the World, he has published 18 books, Dr. Kamalipour has served as an international academic consultant for several colleges and universities and on advisory/editorial boards of a dozen prominent communication journals and professional organizations. He is founding director of the Global Media Journals Network (with 10 global editions), founding director the Center for Global Studies (Purdue Northwest), and founding president of the Global Communication Association. For additional information, visit www.kamalipour.com.

Research Interests

Global Media, Cultural Diversity, Stereotyping, Media Impact, Digital Communication, and Globalization

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Recent Publications

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