Elizabeth D Watson


Elizabeth D Watson
Gibbs Hall 114A
B.A.Psychology / Columbia Union College
Ph.D.Leadership / Andrews University
MSWSocial Work / Howard University


Elizabeth Watson, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor and the Director of BSW Field Education in the Department of Sociology and Social Work. She is a seasoned clinician who has a wealth of social work experience in child welfare, medical/rehabilitation, psychiatric and educational settings. She teaches in the practice sequence. Her research interests include women’s issues focusing on the success of single-parent students in the academic environment.

Research Interests

Women and academic success Single-parent issues and strengths Gender differences

Recent Publications

  • Elizabeth Watson, Elizabeth Watson (2009). (Addressing the challenges of personal loneliness through understanding individual temperamental types). In Weston Medical Publishing, LLC, (Healing Ministry (Journal)) (2) 15, pp. 25-31 ). Healing Ministries.
  • Elizabeth Watson, Elizabeth Watson (2008). (Single Parenthood: Problem Overview). In Weston Medical Publishing, LLC, (article in journal) (1) 15, pp. 25-31 ). Healing Ministry.
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