Kimberly R Bunch-Crump

Assistant Professor

Kimberly R Bunch-Crump
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College of Education

Educator Preparation

Proctor Hall 274
Ph.D.Special Education / University of North Carolina at Charlotte
MEDCurriculum and Supervision / University of North Carolina at Charlotte
B.S.Criminal Justice / Elizabeth City State University


Dr. Bunch-Crump is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst. She has over ten years of experience teaching in Pre-K - 12th grade classroom and over eight years teaching in teacher preparation programs. In addition, Dr. Bunch-Crump owned and operated a behavioral health company for over ten years. She currently runs a small private practice providing interventions and training for individuals with behavior needs, their family members and the professionals who support them.

Research Interests

My research interests focus the use of behavioral science to inform the implementation of culturally responsive practices to bring about social justice in education (e.g., discipline practices, disproportionate referrals to special education, improved post-secondary outcomes for students with disabilities).

Recent Publications

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