Glacia Ethridge

Associate Professor

Glacia Ethridge
College of Education


Proctor Hall 372
Ph.D.Counseling and Personnel Services / University of Maryland
MARehabilitation Counseling / South Carolina State University
B.S.Psychology / South Carolina State University

Research Interests

Career barriers, Social justice, addictions, mental health among African American women, addictions, psychiatric disabilities, and offenders

Recent Publications

  • Glacia Ethridge, David Staten, Kayla Goodman, Delia Kpenosen (2018). (Agricultural, farm, and immigrant workers with disabilities). In D.A. Harley, N.A. Ysasi, M.L. Bishop, & A.R. Fleming, (Disability and Vocational Rehabilitation in Rural Settings) pp. 269-279.
  • ShengLi Dong, Glacia Ethridge, Roe Rodgers-Bornaccorsey (2018). (Impacts of Experiencing Social Injustice on Infusing of Social Justice in Rehabilitation Counselor Education Curriculum). (2) 32, pp. 89-100. Rehabilitation Research, Policy, and Education.
  • Cassandra Conway, Yvonne Simms, Audrey McCarey-Quarles, Gloria Miles, Cynthia Nicholson, Glacia Ethridge, Maria James, Michelle Maultsby (2018). (Mentoring Women in Higher Education). In IGI, (Womens Issues and Rights in Higher Education: A Global Issue)
  • Glacia Ethridge, Anthony Andrews, Alayna Thomas, Quintin Boston (2018). (Mentorship Across Faculty Lines: Implications for Lack of Mentorship in Historically Black Colleges and Universities). In IGI, (Faculty Mentorship at Historically Black Colleges and Universities)
  • Cassandra Sligh Conway, Audrey McCrary-Quarles, Yvonne Sims, Cynthia Nicholson, Glacia Ethridge, Michelle Priester, Tammara Thompson (2018). (Strategies to Empower Women in Higher Education Positions: A Global Issue). (Examining the Roles of Women Entrepreneurs in Emerging Economies)
  • ShengLi Dong, Glacia Ethridge, Roe Rodgers-Bonaccorsy (2015). (Assessing Infusion of Social Justice in Rehabilitation Counselor Education Curriculum). (4) 29, pp. 406-420. Rehabilitation Research, Policy, and Education.
  • Glacia Ethridge, ShengLi Dong, David Burnhill (2015). (Career Counseling Across the LifeSpan). In Irmo Marini and Mark A. Stebnicki, (The Professional Counselor's Desk Reference 2nd Edition)
  • Quintn Boston, Paige Dunlap, Glacia Ethridge, Angel Dowden, Myshalae Euring (2015). (Cultural Beliefs and Disability: Implications for Rehabilitation Counsellors). 37, pp. 367-374. International Journal for the Advancement of Counselling.
  • Quintin Boston, Glacia Ethridge, Paige Dunlap (2015). (Multicultural supervision: Implication for rehabilitation counseling doctoral students). In Shane Koch and Ray Feroz, Rehabilitation Counselors and Educators Association Journal.