Cynthia Jones Khanlarian

Assistant Professor

Cynthia Jones Khanlarian
College of Business & Economics

Accounting and Finance

Merrick Hall 244
Ph.D.Information Technology / University of North Carolina at Greensboro
M.S.Accounting / The University of North Carolina Greensboro
B.A.Piano / Converse


Cindi and her husband, Albert, started Pinetop Tennis & Swim Club in 1978. They owned and operated it until selling it in 1998. Cindi went back to school and Albert bought Piedmont Indoor Tennis.

Research Interests

She enjoys working with structured equation modeling (Warp PLS and Smart PLS) to analyze survey responses. She is still interested in educational methods to help students learn accounting.

Recent Publications

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  • Cynthia Khanlarian (2022). (Differences in Online Students Compared to In-Person Students in Accounting Classes). (1) 19, pp. 23 - 40. The Coastal Business Journal.
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