Sarah Adjei-Fremah

Temporary Research Scientist

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Research & Economic Developmnt

Research & Economic Developmnt

B.S.Agriculture / Kwame Nkurmah University of Science and Technology
M.S.Plant Science / South Dakota State University
Ph.D.Energy & Environmental Systems / North Carolina A&T State University

Recent Publications

  • Sarah Adjei-Fremah, Louis Jackai, Keith Schimmel, Mulumebet Worku (2018). (Microarray analysis of the effect of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) phenolic extract in bovine peripheral blood). (1) 46, pp. 100-106. Journal of Applied Animal Research.
  • Sarah Adjei-Fremah, Mulumebet Worku (2019). (Cowpea polyphenol extract regulates galectin gene expression in bovine blood). ANIMAL BIOTECHNOLOGY.
  • Sarah Adjei-Fremah, Mulumebet Worku, De Erive, Maria Ortiz, Fuli He, Tao Wang, Guibing Chen (2019). (Effect of microfluidization on microstructure, protein profile and physicochemical properties of whole cowpea flours). 57, INNOVATIVE FOOD SCIENCE & EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES.
  • Beatrice Dingha, Sudan Gyawaly, Sarah Adjei-Fremah, Harmandeep Sharma, Arnab Bhowmik, Mulumebet Worku, Louis Jackai (2020). (Organic Mulch Increases Insect Herbivory by the Flea Beetle Species, Disonycha glabrata, on Amaranthus spp.). (3) 11, pp. 162. Insects.