Frank Richard Roberts

Part-Time Instructor

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Carver Hall 242-D
Ph.D.Agricultural Education / Oklahoma State University
M.S.Agricultural Education / Oklahoma State University
B.S.Agricultural Education / Oklahoma State University


I am a future-oriented educator with over a decade of experience in course design and delivery in the context of secondary and postsecondary agricultural education as well as the online environment. I also have advanced knowledge and skills in regard to student recruitment, evaluation, and youth development. My core competencies include: instructional design, youth leadership training, recruitment and retention, online teaching and learning, partnership building, program evaluation, quantitative data analysis, qualitative data analysis, community engagement, engaging diverse populations, STEM education, and global outreach.

Research Interests

My research and scholarly pursuits span five themes across domestic and international agricultural contexts. Through these themes, I examine the attitudes, experiences, methods, evaluation techniques, and policies that: lead to effective educators; address the needs of diverse, underrepresented, and at-risk populations; encourage the effective implementation of STEM education; promote high impact practices, especially service-learning, as teaching and learning approaches; stimulate youth, teacher, and community empowerment.

Recent Publications

  • Chastity English, Antoine Alston, Anthony Graham, Frank Roberts, Anthony Graham, Frank Roberts, Chastity English, Antoine Alston (2018). (An Analysis of Rural North Carolina Superintendents' Views Regarding the Presence of Future Ready Graduate Attributes within the Instructional Environment). (No) 68, pp. 15 ). Southern Agricultural Education Research.
  • Richie Roberts, M. Edwards, Richie Roberts, M. Edwards (2017). (Challenges to Sustaining University-Community Partnerships in War-Torn, Northern Uganda: Investigating Resistance, Negative Stereotyping, and Gender Bias in Agricultural Students’ Attachments). In Robert Strong Jr., (2) 24, pp. 4-21 ). Journal of International Agricultural and Extension Education.
  • Richie Roberts, Diane Montgomery, Richie Roberts, Diane Montgomery (2017). (Using Epistemological Positions and Orientations to Instruction to Explore School-Based, Agricultural Educators’ Perceptual Identities: A Q-Sort Study). (1) 58, pp. 151-171 ). Journal of Agricultural Education.
  • Richie Roberts, Jon Ramsey, Richie Roberts, Jon Ramsey (2017). (The Black Swans of Agricultural Education: A Glimpse into the Lived Experiences that Shape Urban Agricultural Educators’ Meaning in Work). (3) 58, pp. 1-18 ). Journal of Agricultural Education.
  • Richie Roberts, M. Edwards, Richie Roberts, M. Edwards (2016). (Transforming Students’ Global Knowledge and Perspectives through International Service-Learning (ISL) in Uganda: How Six U.S. University Agriculture Students Made Sense of their Lived Experiences over Time). In Robert Strong, Jr. , (3) 23, pp. 7-23 ). Journal of International Agricultural and Extension Education.
  • Richie Roberts, Robert Terry Jr., Nicholas Brown, Jon Ramsey, Richie Roberts, Robert Terry Jr. (2016). (Students’ Motivations, Value, and Decision to Participate in Service-Learning at the National FFA Days of Service). (2 ) 57, pp. 199-214 ). Journal of Agricultural Education.
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