Eui H Park


North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
College of Engineering

Industrial & Systems Engineering

McNair Hall 401
B.S.Physics / Yonsei University
M.S.Industrial Engineering / Mississippi State University
MBABusiness Administration / City University
Ph.D.Industrial Engineering / Mississippi State University


Dr. Park has initiated and developed a successful interdisciplinary manufacturing program at the university as the Director of Manufacturing Initiatives. He is the founder of teaching factory, Piedmont Triad Center for Advanced Manufacturing. He has been an IISE(Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers) Fellow since 2000. His fields of research are Human-Machine Systems Engineering, Healthcare, and Quality Assurance. He has been a principle investigator in 32 awarded funded research projects totaling near $15 million in the past fifteen years.

Research Interests

Production Systems Design and Analysis, Lean Six Sigma, and Human-Machine Systems Engineering

Recent Publications

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