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Ph.D. in Computational Data Science and Engineering

Become an innovative leader in the exciting world of big data and sophisticated computation with a Ph.D. in computational data science and engineering from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.

We are now experiencing the world’s Fourth Industrial Revolution, also known as Industry 4.0. Individuals, organizations, and even entire nations are embracing increasingly complex computational and statistical systems to handle tasks both simple and complicated. These tasks range from buying and selling goods and services online to creating intelligent mass transportation systems, as well as designing and implementing sustainable clean energy strategies.

You may be wondering, “What is computational data science’s role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution?” Well, one major aspect of Industry 4.0 is the interplay between disparate fields such as statistics, mathematics, machine learning and computer science. N.C. A&T’s interdisciplinary Ph.D. in computational data science and engineering program gives you the advanced experience and expertise in these fields to solve problems both big and small involving big data, extensive computations and complex modeling and simulation.

Work in state-of-the-art computing facilities alongside innovative and diverse faculty mentors who are leaders in their fields. Join a thriving network of peers and alumni dedicated to finding solutions to some of the most pressing questions facing the world today. Lead the future of computational data science and engineering with a computational science Ph.D. from one of the most innovative colleges in the nation.

Why choose to earn your Ph.D. in computational data science and engineering at N.C. A&T?

What is computational data science and engineering at N.C. A&T and what sets it apart from every other program? To start with, the core of the computational science Ph.D. program is our belief in the interdisciplinarity of science and technology. You will work with faculty whose research interests span broad categories in some of the most important topics in data analytics and science today. You’ll also master the methods and strategies to use your vast knowledge and skill set to make meaningful impacts on the world around you.

You will also benefit from:

Cutting-edge technologies. What is computational data science without world-class technologies and classrooms to prepare you for the rigorous study of technology and science? Immerse yourself in high-tech visualizations and simulations in our Visualization and Computation Advancing Research (ViCAR) Center, which includes a 21-foot MechDyne ARC-6 visualization system with 36K resolution.

Research that makes a difference. When you study computational data analytics and science at N.C. A&T, you get a wealth of opportunities to dive into the concepts that interest and inspire you most. Whether it’s smart city and intelligent transportation systems, computational linguistics or fluid dynamics, we have the course of study for you to make positive changes in the world.

Dream. Career paths for computational science Ph.D. graduates

When you study computational data analytics and engineering at N.C. A&T, you’ll be prepared to enter one of the fastest-growing and most exciting career fields in the country. Best of all, thanks to the interdisciplinary focus of our computational data science and engineering program, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to excel in a broad range of industries and organizations — including government agencies, academia, manufacturing, technology companies and so many more.

We are proud to boast that all our computational data analytics students find excellent careers in their fields. Many have gone on to work at prestigious companies such as Intel, Google and BOA. They flourish as data analytics specialists, R&D personnel and computational experts.

There has never been a better time to earn your Ph.D. in computational and data science and begin a fulfilling career in science and technology. Jobs for computational data analytics specialists are expected to grow by 36% by 2031, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statics. That’s more than triple the national average for all other occupations.

Some popular positions for computational science Ph.D. holders include:

  • Machine learning engineer
  • Lead data scientist
  • Computer vision data scientist
  • Research scientist 

Connect. Computational data science and engineering program faculty

One of the main features that help set us apart from other computational and data science Ph.D. programs around the country is our highly accomplished computer data science and engineering faculty. When you study computational data analytics and engineering at N.C. A&T, you can take advantage of our small class sizes to work closely alongside faculty mentors who are published and experienced in fields such as computational linear algebra, big data mining, deep learning and molecular dynamics.

Our faculty bring their years of industry and research experience into their classes to inspire their students. They’ll guide you as you prepare for the rich world of computational data analytics and engineering in the 21st century.

Achieve. Computational data science and engineering Ph.D. courses and curriculum

What is computational data without the rigorous exploration of the exciting intersections between fields as different as mathematics, computer engineering, physics and machine learning? In N.C. A&T’s computational science Ph.D. program, we prioritize experiential learning so that you graduate with the expertise to lead others with confidence.

Our 62-credit-hour Ph.D. in computational and data science begins with 12 credit hours of core courses covering topics such as computational statistics, modeling and visualization, programming for scalable computing systems and computational methods.

As a Ph.D. student in the computational and data science program, you’ll then have the freedom to customize your degree with 27 credit hours of elective courses to align your computational science Ph.D. with your career goals. These courses include:

  • Bioinformatics
  • Research Computing Environments
  • Computational System Theory
  • Fundamentals of Big Data Analysis 
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Explore. Scholarships and financial aid for computational data science and engineering Ph.D. students

When you study computational and data science at N.C. A&T, you’re making a huge investment in your future — as well as the future of science and technology. We in turn invest in you and your academic success through financial aid in the form of grants, scholarships, student loans and fellowships opportunities.

In fact, Money Magazine voted N.C. A&T the most affordable of North Carolina’s top universities.

Learn more about financial aid for graduate students.

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