Monica E Allen

Assistant Professor

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Proctor Hall 144
EDDEducation Leadership / University of North Carolina at Charlotte
B.S.Biology / The American University
M.S.Adm. sci. - managerial / The Johns Hopkins University


B.S. - Biological Sciences M.A.S. - Management EdD. - Education Leadership (Higher Education)

Research Interests

Student Academic Success Social Justice Equity & Inclusion in Education and the Workplace

Recent Publications

  • Monica Allen, , Monica Allen, (2018). (Examining the cultural wealth of underrepresented minority engineering persisters). (2) 144, ). Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice.
  • , Monica Allen, Monica Allen (2016). (The relevance of critical race theory: Impact on students of color). (2) 4, pp. 33-44 ). Special Issue of the Urban Education Research and Policy Annuals.
  • C Rikers, Monica Allen, C Rikers, Monica Allen (2010). (Small business and the evolution of family responsibility discrimination: Reality vs. misconceptions). (73) 16, ). Journal of Legal Studies in Business.