College of Engineering

PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering

1. Admission to the Doctor of Philosophy Program in Industrial & Systems
To apply for admission to the Ph.D. in Industrial & Systems Engineering, applicants
should submit an application and its supporting documents on the online application portal
through the Graduate School’s website ( It is strongly recommended that all required documents be received on or
before the Graduate School’s priority deadlines (February 1 for fall admissions and
September 1 for spring admissions). The Department will evaluate applications within
approximately 14 days of their receipt from the Graduate School.
To be considered for admission to the Ph.D. in Industrial & Systems Engineering an
applicant must have:
1. At least one degree in Engineering or Computer Science.
2. A Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering or Computer Science from an EACABET accredited program with a cumulative Credit Point Average of 3.5 or above
on a 4-point scale.
A Master of Science degree in a discipline related to Industrial & Systems
Engineering, from a college or university recognized by a regional or general
accrediting agency, with a cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.3 or above on a
4-point scale.
3. Graduate Record Exam (GRE) Aptitude Exam scores.
4. Evidence of English language proficiency for international applicants. Normally, an
acceptable score on TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE test is required if the highest degree
is from non-English speaking country. The official TOEFL score (at least 80 or
higher internet-based score), or IELTS score (6.5 or higher effective July 1 2016),
or PTE Academic score (53 or higher). These scores are reportable for a period of
two years from the date of the exam.
2. Curriculum Requirements
A total of 69 credits after the B.S. degree, of which 18 credits are toward dissertation
work, and 51 credits are toward course work. Of the 51 credits of course work, up to 24
credits of Industrial & Systems Engineering-related course work at the MS-level may be
applied towards the 51 course credit requirements. Specifically, the student must complete
the following credit hour requirements:
Total credit hours: 69 (post baccalaureate)
 Take 12 credit Core courses: ISEN 625: Information Systems, ISEN 655:
Production Planning & Scheduling, ISEN 665: Human Machine Systems, ISEN
675: Design and Analysis of Experiments
 Select 12 credits from ISEN 721: Systems Engineering Models, ISEN 812:
Advanced Ergonomics, ISEN 813: Cognitive Systems Engineering, ISEN 814:
Advanced Topics in Human-Machine Systems, ISEN 821: Multivariate Statistics
for Engineers or ISEN 833: Supply Chain Systems Engineering, ISEN 841:
Integer and Network Optimization, ISEN 852: Integrated Manufacturing Control
Systems, ISEN 853: Enterprise Integration
 Take 12 credits of additional graduate level ISEN courses
 Take 12 credits of additional engineering courses at 700 or 800 level
 At least 21 course credits should be at 800 level
 ISEN Seminar (3 credits): Take ISEN 992: Doctoral Seminar in ISE three times
in three semesters
 Pass qualifying exam, preliminary exam
 Dissertation (18 credits): ISEN 997: Doctoral Dissertation