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Ph.D. in Technology Management

North Carolina A&T State University and Indiana State University offer a joint doctor of philosophy consortium degree program in Technology Management. What sets the Business Education Information Technology degree apart from most others is that you can tailor your degree to meet your specific career goals. You can pick and choose the IT classes that you are most interested in taking, such as e-commerce, web design, and Internet security, just name a few. This degree program is also offered online.

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Construction Management
Digital Communications
Human Resource Development and Training
Manufacturing Systems
Quality Systems

Earning Potential

The potential salary you could earn is dependent on many factors. Education, experience, company, and location all play a role in your earning potential. As a PhD holder, you are already in the position to land a top-level job; however the experience you have in the field is also important. Hands-on experience and work in your field is essential. The type of company and your location also help determine your salary. Expect to earn more working in the city as opposed to rural areas.

Salary Range: $83,000 to $128,000

Contact Information:
Dr. Musibau Shofoluwe, Program Coordinator
College of Science and Technology