Department/Program Orientation Breakout Sessions

[Details for Fall 2019 breakout sessions will be posted closer to the Fall 2019 semester.]

All new graduate students should plan to attend the New Graduate Student Welcome Program & Resource Fair (info on our main Orientation page).

IN ADDITION TO the Welcome Program & Resource Fair, your Program/Department/College may also hold mandatory Orientation Breakout Sessions. These breakout Sessions will provide critical information about program requirements as well as information on registration, advising, resources, funding opportunities, and graduate student organizations relevant to your discipline.

Please find your department/program listed below (arranged by program name). If you do not see a time listed for your program, please check with your department for more information.

Program Orientation Breakout Session Department Location & Phone Department/Program Webpage
Adult Education   140 Proctor Hall, 336-285-2141
Agricultural & Environmental Systems 
Agricultural Education 
Applied Mathematics   Marteena Hall,  336 285 2033 
Applied Science & Technology 302 Gibbs Hall, (336) 285-2335 
Biology 104 Barnes Hall, (336) 285-2160 
Chemical Engineering 
Chemistry    338 New Science Building, 336-285-2240 
Civil Engineering 
Computational Science & Engineering 
Computer Science 
Counseling 329 Proctor Hall, 336-334-7916
Electrical Engineering 
English 426 General Classroom Bldg., 336-334-7771 
Food & Nutritional Sciences 
Industrial & Systems Engineering 
Information Technology   203 Price Hall, 336-334-7717 
Leadership Studies   140 Proctor Hall, 336-285-2141 
Master of Business Administration (MBA) 312  Craig Hall, (336) 285-3292 
Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) 274 Proctor Hall,  336 285 2033 
Mechanical Engineering 
Nanoengineering    JSNN Bldg. 2907 East Gate City Blvd., 336-285-2810 
Physics    101 Marteena Hall, 336.285.2105 
School Administration   380 Proctor Hall, (336) 285-4412 
Technology Management   Smith / Price Hall, 336-285-3111