Graduate Assistant Training Overview

Graduate Assistants are a vital part of the fabric of North Carolina A&T State University. The Graduate Assistant Training Program is intended to equip graduate assistants with the essential knowledge and skills required to effectively transition from student to paraprofessional. The Graduate Assistant Training Program also contributes to the training and orientation required of graduate assistants by the Southern Association of Colleges and Universities (SACS) and the University of North Carolina System.

Training Requirements

Students who are assigned to a Graduate Assistantship are REQUIRED to complete the Graduate Assistant Training Program. Please be aware that failure to complete all components of the Graduate Assistant Training may result in the termination of your position.

Graduate Assistantships are divided into the following categories: Graduate Research Assistant (GRA), Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA), Graduate Assistant—Academic, and Graduate Administrative Assistant. Students assigned to one of the Graduate Assistantship types for the first time are REQUIRED to complete the appropriate Graduate Assistant Training Program.  


REQUIREMENT #1: General Training on Policies & Expectations (Online Module)

All graduate assistants must complete training in general policies and expectations. This is completed through an online module and an accompanying quiz. This component must be completed before the start of the assistantship. The online module only needs to be completed once. Make sure to proceed through the entire module and take the verification quiz to complete this requirement. Start the online training module here: Online Training Module


REQUIREMENT #2: Specialized Training for Each Assistantship Type (Three Workshops/Activities)

In addition to the general training provided by the online module, all graduate assistants must also complete specialized training appropriate to their assistantship type. This will take the form of three workshops or activities related to specific training themes. The training themes associated with each assistantship type are shown below. Students must complete one workshop/activity for each of the training themes for their assistantship type (three workshops/activities total).


Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) Training Themes

Complete one workshop/activity related to each of the GRA training themes below (three workshop/activities total)

    1. Research Ethics
    2. Safety (specific and detailed training as applicable to position)
    3. Authorship / Ownership of Data


Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) and Graduate Assistant - Academic (GA-Academic) Training Themes

Complete one workshop/activity related to each of the GTA / GA-Academic training themes below (three workshop/activities total)

    1. Ethical Concerns in Teaching
    2. Communication (delivering content to students effectively)
    3. Classroom Management and Teaching Strategies


Graduate Administrative Assistant (GAA) Training Themes

Complete one workshop/activity related to each of the GAA training themes below (three workshop/activities total) 

    1. Communication
    2. Global Awareness & Cultural Sensitivity
    3. Leadership & Management


Tracking Completion of Requirements in Blackboard

To verify your attendance at applicable training activities, use the Workshop Attendance Verification Form.

You can then use the Graduate Assistant Training site in Blackboard to upload your verification forms and view your training completion status (log into your Blackboard account and look under “Organizations” for ORG-GRAD.007 - “Graduate Assistant Training”).