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We Invite You to Join Us in Celebrating Our Spring 2019 Graduating Doctoral Scholars and Their Research!

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Special Note from the Graduate College to Our Graduating Ph.D. Students (Click to Expand)

The road to the doctoral degree is long and arduous, but the result is well worth the challenge. Here at the end of your doctoral journey, you have achieved an unparalleled level of expertise in your particular area of study.

The Graduate College commends you on this remarkable achievement. We now encourage you to take time to reflect back on the effort it took to get to this point and to reflect also on the support others provided to you during this process. From faculty advisors to funding organizations, from colleagues in the lab to family members and friends--your doctoral work has developed with the guidance and support of countless others. 

As you walk across the graduation stage, you will join the ranks of our University’s more than four hundred total doctoral degree recipients. Your success strengthens A&T’s legacy and helps push our institution towards the goals of our strategic plan, A&T Preeminence 2020. 

Congratulations and best wishes as you move forward into the next phase of your career!

Highlighted Doctoral Scholars: Click on a student's picture or link to see a summary of their dissertation research. 





Gisele Abron, Ph.D.

Program: Leadership Studies

Dissertation Title: "The Challenges of Private Four-Year Degree-Granting HBCUs: A Study of the Relationship between Fiscal Responsibility Composite Scores and Enrollment"

Major Professors: Dr. Edward Fort, Co-Chair & Dr. Karen Jackson, Co-Chair

Post-Graduation Plans: Continue to raise awareness surrounding the fiscal health of private 4-year degree-granting HBCUs

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Kingsley Aning Bonsu, Ph.D.

Program: Computational Science and Engineering

Dissertation Title: "Movement of Marginal Cropland in and out of Production: A GIS-BASED Analysis of North Carolina Crop Rotations"

Major Professor: Dr. Lyubov Kurkalova

Post-Graduation Plans: Teaching at Bennett College

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Kingsley Ekwemalor, Ph.D. (Fall 2018)

Program: Applied Science and Technology

Dissertation Title: “Detection of Galectin Expression and its Modulation in Goat Peripheral Blood”

Major Professor: Dr. Mulumebet Worku

Post-Graduation Plans: Postdoctoral research fellow; pursuing faculty position

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Eboghoye Eluka-Okoludoh, Ph.D.

Program: Applied Science and Technology

Dissertation Title: “Studies on the Expression and the Effect of Galectin-8 in Bovine Neutrophils”

Major Professor: Dr. Mulumebet Worku

Post-Graduation Plans: Postdoctoral position

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folarin-photo.jpg gay-photo.jpg

Oluwafunke M. Folarin, Ph.D.

Program: Leadership Studies

Dissertation Title: "The Leadership Experiences of Sub-Saharan African Women in Healthcare in the United States"

Major Professor: Dr. Comfort Okpala

Post-Graduation Plans: Pursue a career in academia

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Yasmin E. Gay, Ph.D.

Program: Department of Counseling

Dissertation Title: “Supervisors Perception of Burnout Among Novice Rehabilitation Counseling Professionals: A Phenomenological Analysis”

Major Professor: Dr. Michael Brooks

Post-Graduation Plans: Accepted a Post-Doc Position with Wake Forest University

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hashemisohi-photo.jpg joseph-photo1.jpg

Abolhasan Hashemisohi, Ph.D.

Program: Computational Science & Engineering

Dissertation Title: "Numerical Analysis of Biomass Gasification in a Fluidized Bed Reactor"

Major Professor: Dr. Lijun Wang

Post-Graduation Plans: Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation Scientist

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Gail Joseph, Ph.D.

Program: Energy and Environmental Systems

Dissertation Title: “Study of Biogas Production Potential, Microbial Community Structure and Environmental Sustainability on Thermophilic Anaerobic Co-digestion of Animal Wastes and Lignocellulosic Biomass”

Major Professor: Dr. Lijun Wang

Post-Graduation Plans: Pursuing opportunities in the environmental science and waste management field

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king-photo.jpg marquetti-photo.jpg

Trina King, Ph.D.

Program: Leadership Studies

Dissertation Title: "Emerging Adult’s Perceptions of Toxic Leadership: A Case Study"

Major Professor: Dr. Patricia Bethea-Whitfield

Post-Graduation Plans: Consultation and research

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Izabele Marquetti, Ph.D.

Program: Industrial and Systems Engineering

Dissertation Title: "Understanding Multiscale Release Behavior of Biomolecules for Tissue Engineering" 

Major Professor: Dr. Salil Desai

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Shalini Julie Mathew, Ph.D.

Program: Rehabilitation Counseling &Rehabilitation Counselor Education

Dissertation Title: "A Phenomenological Inquiry of Counselors’ Perspectives Toward the Use of Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Children with Intellectual Disabilities"

Major Professor: Dr. Michael Brooks

Post-Graduation Plans: Academia/research

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Zahra Moaddabdoost Baboli, Ph.D.

Program: Applied Science and Technology

Dissertation Title: “Design and Experimental Validation of an Ultrasonic Reactor for Rapid Pasteurization of Fruit Juices”

Major Professors: Guibing Chen & Leonard L. Williams

Post-Graduation Plans: Academia/industry

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Milad Moghassem Hamidi, Ph.D.

Program: Electrical & Computer Engineering

Dissertation Title: "A Game Theoretic Approach for Optimization of Inter-Satellite Communication in Small Satellite Networks"

Major Professor:  Dr. William W. Edmonson

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Demetria Siler, Ph.D.

Program: Leadership Studies

Dissertation Title: "A Phenomenological Study of How Organizational Structures Affect Racial and Gender Inequalities Experienced by Black Faculty in North Carolina Community Colleges"

Major Professor: Dr. Comfort O. Okpala

Post-Graduation Plans: Continue working in the North Carolina Community College System and begin addressing racial/ethnic inequalities in order to increase the diversity of community college faculty, specifically Black faculty

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