Doctoral Scholars E-Showcase -- Spring 2018

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We Invite You to Join Us in Celebrating Our Spring 2018 Graduating Doctoral Scholars and Their Research!

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Special Note from the Graduate College to Our Graduating Ph.D. Students (Click to Expand)

The road to the doctoral degree is long and arduous, but the result is well worth the challenge. Here at the end of your doctoral journey, you have achieved an unparalleled level of expertise in your particular area of study.

The Graduate College commends you on this remarkable achievement. We now encourage you to take time to reflect back on the effort it took to get to this point and to reflect also on the support others provided to you during this process. From faculty advisors to funding organizations, from colleagues in the lab to family members and friends--your doctoral work has developed with the guidance and support of countless others. 

As you walk across the graduation stage, you will join the ranks of our University’s more than four hundred total doctoral degree recipients. Your success strengthens A&T’s legacy and helps push our institution towards the goals of our strategic plan, A&T Preeminence 2020. 

Congratulations and best wishes as you move forward into the next phase of your career!


Spring 2018 Highlighted Doctoral Scholars: Click on a student's picture or link to see a summary of their dissertation research.







Norbert Ayine Agana, Ph.D.

Program: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dissertation Title: "A Hybrid Deep Learning Approach for Time Series Prediction based on Unsupervised Feature Learning”

Major Professor: Dr. Abdollah Homaifar

Post-Graduation Plans: Industry.

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Shon F. Barnes, Ph.D

Program: Leadership Studies

Dissertation Title: “Police-Community Relations: A Study of Racial Disparity and the Effects of Hot Spots Policing Leadership Strategies”

Major Professor: Dr. Comfort Okpala

Post-Graduation Plans: L.E.A.D.S Scholar with the National Institute of Justice. Pursuing career as a major city Chief of Police. 

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Sherry Canty, Ph.D

Program: Leadership Studies

Dissertation Title: “African American Females’ Self Perceptions of Their Leadership Potential after Viewing Media Clips from Broadcast Media”

Major Professor: Dr. Geleana Alston

Post-Graduation Plans: Guest lecturer; research and writing; ambassador and missionary for women and children.

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Artina Dawkins, Ph.D

Program: Leadership Studies

Dissertation Title: “Program Coordinators’ Perceptions of Their Leadership Role in the Administration of Graduate Medical Education Programs”

Major Professor: Dr. Edward Fort

Post-Graduation Plans: Directing and improving graduate medical education programs.

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David N. D. Dodoo-Amoo, Ph.D

Program: Mechanical Engineering

Dissertation Title: "An Error Analysis of the Integral Differential Scheme Navier-Stokes Solver"

Major Professor: Dr. Frederick Ferguson

Post-Graduation Plans: Academia/industry

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Jodi Douglas Turner, Ph.D

Program: Leadership Studies

Dissertation Title: “The Affects of Secure and Cultural Attachment on the Career Advancement of Women in STEM”

Major Professor: Dr. Comfort Okpala

Post-Graduation Plans: Non-profit assisting women in moving from middle management to senior and executive management positions.

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Julio Mendez, Ph.D

Program: Mechanical Engineering

Title: “Investigation of the Flow Features Capturing Capabilities of the Integro-Differential Scheme (IDS)”

Major Professor: Dr. Frederick Ferguson

Post-Graduation Plans: Research and Development working on numerical schemes for complex flow physics

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Daniel T Ocansey, Ph.D

Program: Computational Science & Engineering

Title: “Modeling the Effect of Propagating Acoustic Noise over a Smooth-Random Surface by Using the Equivalent Source Method and the Finite Element Method”

Major Professor: Dr. Marwan Bikdash

Post-Graduation Plans: Industry / Education

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Arifa Parveen, Ph.D

Program: Nanoengineering

Title: “Effect of Electrospun Nanofibers on Growth Behavior of Fungal Cells”

Major Professor:Dr. Lifeng Zhang

Post-Graduation Plans: National lab research

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Andre S. Richardson, Ph.D

Program: Leadership Studies and Adult Education

Dissertation Title: “A Study of the Relationship Among Revenue Sources and Retention Rates at Private Historically Black Colleges and Universities”

Major Professor: Dr. Comfort Okpala

Post-Graduation Plans: Higher education professional; research on institutional revenue sources and student retention.

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Clarence R. White Jr., Ph.D.

Computational Science and Engineering

Dissertation Title: In Silico Prediction of Protein Sequence Classification and Post Translational Modification Site Prediction using Deep Neural Networks

Major Professor: Dr. Dukka KC 
Dr. Robert Newman

Post-Graduation Plans: Technology Consultant at DXC Technology

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Ronald Wilkins, Ph.D

Program: Leadership Studies

Dissertation Title: “Workforce Development Employees’ Perception of Their Managers as Transformational Leaders”

Major Professor: Dr. Comfort Okpala

Post-Graduation Plans: Academia / community leadership projects.

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Clinton A. Wilson, Ph.D

Program: Leadership Studies

Dissertation Title: “A Case Study Analysis of the Influence that High School Leaders have on African American Male Student Achievement”

Major Professor: Dr. Michael Brooks

Post-Graduation Plans: Student Services in K-12 education.

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Linda Richardson Wilson, Ph.D

Program: Leadership Studies

Dissertation Title:  “The National Pan-Hellenic Council Leaders’ Perspective on the Impact of Moral Thoughts and Actions on Hazing”

Major Professor: Dr. Edward B. Fort

Post-Graduation Plans: Consultation; research.

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Smith Woosley, Ph.D

Program: Nanoengineering

Dissertation Title: “Processing and Characterization of Functionally Modified Composites for Fused Deposition Modeling 3D Printing”

Major Professor: Dr. Shyam Aravamudhan

Post-Graduation Plans: Industrial Research & Development on additive manufacturing.

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