Harrison Auditorium Policies


  • Tickets: Events held in this venue soliciting payment for admission and/or offering free admission require tickets and must be coordinated by the University Event Center. 
  • Security: Events held in this venue require a minimum of 1 security officer. The University Event Center reserves the right to assign additional university police coverage to this venue based on the nature of the event.



There is absolutely no food or drinks allowed in Harrison Auditorium.  Food and drinks may only be consumed in the lobby, or the assigned hospitality area(s).


Animals and/or pets are not permitted in Harrison Auditorium unless they are service animals such as Seeing Eye dogs.  Aquatic animals and other types of caged/aquarium dwelling creatures are included in this policy.


Only weighted helium filled balloons or weighted balloon trees and arches may be used for events within the building to prevent balloons from going into light fixtures and ceilings.


The use of bicycles, skates, skateboards, sneaker skates and other wheeled recreational vehicles is prohibited inside Harrison Auditorium.  Bicycles must be left outside and secured with a bike rack where available.


Candles and open-flame devices (including incense) are prohibited by Fire Code. Organizations with requirements for candles during formal functions may purchase battery-operated "candles" which are suitable for such purposes.  The only candles permitted in Harrison Auditorium  are those that are encased whether it is tea light candles in a globe or stick candles in a cylinder glass casing.  The encasing has to be at least 2 to 3 inches higher than the flame.


The Associate Director of the University Event Center  must approve all decorations used in Harrison Auditorium prior to the event.  No decorations are to be fastened to the walls and/or ceiling with nails or tacks, curtains covering the windows, floor or stage areas. Decorations utilizing water are not permitted for examples fish ponds or water fountains. All decorations must be removed immediately following each function.  Any further questions concerning decorations can be directed to the Associate Director for clarification.  All decorations must meet minimum safety standards as interpreted by staff.  Fire codes prohibit the use of hay, straw, cornstalks, or other dry tinder in the auditorium.


Paint, glitter, feathers, glue, and /or sand materials are NOT permitted inside Harrison Auditorium.  Painting/spray painting decorations or persons is not permitted during any event in Harrison Auditorium both inside and outside the building (example:  painting your poster, spray painting leaves, body painting, etc. on Harrison Auditorium property). If your decorations are painted before your event you are permitted to use them at that time. Tape cannot be placed on the walls in Harrison Auditorium.  The use of these items will result in a housekeeping charge. University Event Center reserves the right to charge a housekeeping charge to any group using any kind of decoration that may permanently change the appearance of the room.


Monitor behavior and assist guests at the event. Ensure that the artist/service abides by all agreements designated in the contract agreed to by the sponsor and the artist/service. To abide by all university policies applicable to the event. To work cooperatively with the University Event Center Administration and staff during the event.

To open the event and close the event at times previously agreed to during the scheduling process. If there are minor schedule changes, the sponsor should work with the Associate Director of University Event Center to establish mutually agreeable times. The Associate Director has the responsibility to make the final decision regarding event times. To adhere to all agreed upon terms as stated on the facility request form.


To assist the event sponsor in working with the artist while performing at North Carolina A&T State University. To assist the event sponsor in monitoring behaviors and assisting guests at the event. To provide appropriate services and staffing as required  and to make appropriate decisions concerning university policy during the event.


Groups must clean up after themselves. This includes straightening furniture, disposing of trash into trash receptacles, sweeping, washing tables, etc. as necessary.  Any organization that fails to leave the facility in an acceptable condition will be billed for cleaning and/or damage and may jeopardize its privilege to reserve facilities in the future.  The Associate Director or the Executive Director of the University Event Center will notify violators of such charges.  Any damages to facilities or equipment should be reported immediately. It is suggested that you check with University Event Center staff  before departing the premises to be sure that you are leaving the area in suitable condition.



All persons bringing rental equipment into Harrison Auditorium will need to be available to receive such equipment for that particular event, including flower deliveries, table dressing, etc. Rental equipment MUST be brought during set-up or pre-event time and must be removed at the conclusion of the event. Harrison Auditorium is not to be used for the storing of rental equipment that is not picked up at the conclusion of your event. This responsibility will be left to the customer to schedule a drop off and pick up time for all rental equipment.