Meet our Class Officers Association

Senior Class Council 2017-2018
President John Wilson IV

Senior Class President John Wilson IVJohn Wilson IV is a senior, Finance student from Dallas, Texas. He is the son of Mr. John Wilson III and Mrs. Sherry Wilson. John is the oldest of five boys: Joshua, Jordan, Jered, and Justus.

While attending A&T, John has been actively involved in serving his peers and currently serves as the Senior Class President for the 2017-2018 academic school year. In addition to the Student Government Association, John is a member of the Men’s Tennis Team, Treasurer for South West Aggies, and Campus Life Mentor (sophomore year). On a larger scale, John serves as the Minority Serving Institution Representative for the North Carolina School System, where he represents seven HBCU’s and MSI’s in North Carolina.

John campaigned on the platform, “Finish Strong, Aggie Strong.” John plans to not only ensure a successful last year for Seniors, but he will also focus on implementing programs that develop the necessary practical skills for post-grad life. He hopes to inspire students to not only “Finish”, but to “Finish Strong” with jobs and opportunities after graduation.

Upon graduation, John plans to obtain an internship in Summer 2018, followed by entering law school in Fall 2018. After he secures his law degree and passes the bar, he plans to become an equity lawyer dealing with mergers and acquisitions; initially practicing at a top equity law firm, becoming a partner, and eventually owning his own firm.

John enjoys serving his community, playing tennis, traveling, and fun times spent with friends. He lives each day by his favorite quote:

“Quality is the pride of workmanship."-W. Edwards Deming

Senior Officers
Gabriel Jenkins – Vice President
Courtney Frierson – Secretary
Justice Oliver – Treasurer
De’kwon Billings – Chief of Staff
Hunter Watson – Parliamentarian
Christian Johnson – Historian
Paul Johnson, Jr. - Mister Senior
Kentona Tinsley - Miss Senior


Junior Class Council 2017-2018
President Cortina Mosley

Picture of Junior Class President Cortina MosleyA native of the Queen City Charlotte, North Carolina, Cortina Mosley humbly serves as the Junior Class President. She is the daughter of Barry and Tina Mosley, who both attended the University of Alabama A&M. Cortina is the sister of Barry Mosley Jr., Marcus Mosley, and Asher Mosley. Growing up she was taught to work hard for what you want and once you get it, give back to those who got you there.

Cortina is a junior Business Management student aspiring to work in the Health Care Administration Industry. She is a member of Queen City Aggies and previously served as Sophomore Class Vice President. As Junior Class President, Cortina hopes to carry out her platform of “Vision for OUR Future” which means preparing the Junior Class for the real world through Junior Week and class meetings. The goal is to have programs that will help the students become more knowledgeable about real-world situations. She plans on working with the Junior Class to help them increase their decision-making skills, society awareness, and to unify the class.

Michelle Obama once said, “We should always have three friends in our lives--one who walks ahead who we look up to and follow; one who walks beside us, who is with us every step of our journey; and then, one who we reach back for and bring along after we’ve cleared the way.” I am that friend who will walk along with you every step of the way.

Junior Officers
Junior Shaun McKeller – Vice President
Jada Brown – Secretary
Jamie Womack – Treasurer
Brittany Chang – Chief of Staff
Tarik Brandy – Parliamentarian
T’yanna Rouse – Historian
Kendall Mack - Mister Junior
Jada Williams – Miss Junior


Sophomore Class Council 2017-2018
President Mariah Abraham

Picture of Sophomore Class President Mariah AbrahamMariah Abraham is a sophomore, Biomedical Engineering student from Laurel, Maryland. With a concentration in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, Mariah has a passion for producing and optimizing solutions for the medical field’s most unique problems. She chose North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University because of its rigorous engineering program, virtuous opportunities in internships and occupations, and its family-oriented atmosphere. In addition to being Sophomore Class President for the 2017-2018 Academic School Year, Mariah also works as a Resident Assistant and is an active member in two mentoring organizations. Mariah strongly believes that setting many short and long-term goals is essential for success. Subsequently, she is constantly setting goals as it relates to her career, personal development, and social awareness.

Sophomore Officers
Resse Bearden – Vice President
Jada Woodward – Secretary
Robert Wilson – Treasurer
MacKenzie Myers – Chief of Staff
Koya Yancy – Parliamentarian
Alexis Whidbee – Historian
Karson McLeod – Mister Sophomore
Teeghan Wiggins – Miss Sophomore


Freshman Class Council 2017-2018
President Edward Dickerson V

Picture of Freshman Class President John Wilson IVA proud native of Fayetteville, North Carolina, Eddie Dickerson humbly serves as the Freshman Class President for the 2017-2018 academic school year. Eddie is currently seeking his Bachelors in Bioengineering. Eddie has a growing passion for student leadership and being a role model to young African American men and women of his freshman class. Upon obtaining his Bachelors in Bioengineering, Eddie hopes to have a progressive impact in the healthcare industry. Eddie specifically wants to work with inhabitants of underdeveloped countries. Eddie believes in executing any mission he comes across simply by attacking his plans, conquering his obstacles, and repeating the process in order to produce results. Eddie understands that his journey has just begun as an Aggie, but he is aware of the endless opportunities and prospects North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University holds for him. Eddie lives everyday courageously by a modest quote from his father,

“Since the worst thing imaginable is not possible, just relax and live more abundantly.”

Freshman Officers
Imani Bell – Vice President
Caira Wilson– Secretary
Gabby Washington – Treasurer
Havilyn Bryant– Chief of Staff
Kylah Guion– Parliamentarian
Briana Rascoe – Historian
Amir Abdulraheem - Mister Freshman
Sydney Lexy Wheeler - Miss Freshman