Timothy Benton, SGA Chief of Staff

Picture of SGA Chief of Staff Timothy BentonTimothy Benton is a native of Seaside, CA. Timothy is the son of Deborah Benton and Dr. Oscar Benton, Jr.  Tim is currently a junior, studying Business Management at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University where he humbly serves as the Chief of Staff for the 2017- 2018 academic school year.

Timothy is an outgoing, hard-working, student who wants the best for his university and its students. Tim is seeing his hard work come to fruition, through the collaborative joint efforts of the faculty, staff, and Student Government Association. Timothy is a natural leader, and he has served in the following capacities: NAACP's Chief of Staff, Secretary, Membership Chair, and Treasurer.

Along with SGA, Tim is a member of the North Carolina A&T Fellowship Gospel Choir, and the Bethel Campus Fellowship. In addition, he also enjoys serving his community through volunteer work and community events. As the Chief of Staff, Tim aspires to make a lasting impact on the campus by being a valuable resource to the President. Tim has prioritized the importance of providing unwavering service, determination, and commitment to the students of NC A&T. Timothy is a firm believer that service, perseverance, and integrity are the three essential components for being successful in life, and in leadership.

Upon receiving his bachelor’s degree, he plans to pursue a graduate degree in Political Management or Political Science. After completing his educational aspirations, Timothy plans to become either the White House Chief of Staff or Speaker of the House. Through his motivation, determination, and personal experiences, Timothy aspires to change the lives of many. Timothy understands that he didn’t get here without support and prayers, so he would like to thank his family, friends, twin sister, and most importantly, GOD! In conclusion, he lives by his favorite daily quote:

“God will meet you where you are in order to take you where He wants you to go.”- Tony Evans

Contact: SGAcos@ncat.edu