Welcome to the Student Government Association

Our Purpose

The aims of higher education are to aid an individual in realizing his/her potential and in becoming an effective member of society. The means to this end are the independence of thought, active of awareness and participation in various academic pursuits. The individual is the center of learning. Therefore, these aims have meaning only insofar as, they relate to the individual. Whatever is done in the educational community must be evaluated in terms of the effect on the student and his/her learning process. The Student Government Association, as the representative of the student community, must be committed to these goals of higher education in order to justify its existence.

To attain this purpose, the SGA must assume the following responsibilities:

  • Create an atmosphere of freedom that allows the student to move beyond the limits of traditional interests by being a creative and contributing individual.
  • Aid in a meaningful interpretation of the concept of the university community.
  • Provide opportunities for each student to participate in activities that develop and realize potentialities.
  • Create awareness of national and international affairs and of their significance for the individual.

Our History

The present SGA is an outgrowth of the Student Council of N.C. A&T, which was restructured on Sept. 30, 1935 from an earlier organization by the same name.

The stated purpose of the earlier Constitution was to develop a spirit of cooperation to afford development through self-expression, self-control, and leadership, to create a high degree of cooperation between the faculty and students in matters of constructive welfare. The Constitution of the Student Government Association was restructured and approved by the Board of Trustees in 1968, 1988 and 1996.

The Tate Administration

The Tate Administration is a group of active individuals who believe in the “Here To Serve You” mentality. We are focused entirely on serving as the voice of the student body. It reminds the students that we were elected to speak on their behalf, and serve as the liaison between students and administration. Each of us aims to create a politically engaged campus in terms of national and international issues. We strive to create more open platforms that allow students' questions to be answered, and issues to be handled that affect our campus in a number of ways. We also want to aid in preparing our peers for life after undergrad, so we can, in turn, show the world what Aggies Do!