Certification Agreement for VA Educational Benefits

I have received the Office of Veteran and Disability Support Services (OVDSS) handbook that contains the North Carolina A&T State University Academic Regulations and General Conduct Policy as stated in the University Catalog. I understand that I must adhere to the following rules and regulations in order to be certified to receive VA Educational Benefits.

I understand and agree to the following procedures and regulations required by the OVDSS:

  • All financial matter are my responsibility.
  • It is my responsibility to keep my classes from being dropped, not the OVDSS.
  • If an overpayment of benefit occurs, it is my responsibility (student) to take care of these matters with A&T’s Treasurers’ Office and/or Veteran Affairs.
  • I am required to bring all documentation to the OVDSS in order to establish a file.
  •  To use my benefits, I must submit a detailed class schedule to the certifying official each semester (including summer). I will not be automatically certified for benefits.
  • Class Attendance:
    • I am required to attend class regularly.
    • If I stop attending class, I must notify the certifying official after the second day of not attending.
    • Failure to do so will cause termination of my certification and/or the delay in the next semester certification.
  • When making any change(s) to class schedule:
    • During drop/add period a new detail schedule is required within 3 days.
    • After drop/add period bring the pink drop form to office and pick up the OVDSS withdrawal form(s) within 3 days.
    • Failure to do so will cause termination of my certification and/or delay in the next semester certification.
  • When making changes to course of study:
    • A change of major form is required with all department head signatures and a copy brought to this office.
    • A new curriculum guide with all course grades and transfers noted, signed and dated by department advisor, chairperson, or dean is required.
  • VA will only pay for the courses on my curriculum guide/workplan that meet degree requirements.   If any courses are not on the curriculum guide/workplan I must provide the requested documentation.
  • The normal processing time for the OVDSS is 5-10 business days upon receiving completed paperwork.
  • The normal processing time for VA payments is 4-8 weeks after the certification process. For new students the process may take longer.  I understand that VA payments serve as a source of reimbursement.
  • It is extremely important to keep my contact information updated (local address, telephone number and email address) on file in OVDSS. Report any changes promptly. This is to help make sure that my benefits, as well as other events and information are processed in a timely manner without delays.
  • I will keep track of all VA and school documents. I may need them for future references.
  • For Chapters 30, 1606, and 1607 Only: The number to call to confirm my monthly enrollment to the Veterans Administration is 1-877-823-2378.  This number will be effective only after I have been certified and I am in the system with the VA. I may call anytime - day or night beginning the last day of the month. If I do not call, a check will not be issued.  I may also verify enrollment by WAVE on the VA website www.gibill.va.gov. The toll-free number for the VA office in Decatur, Georgia is 1-888-442-4551. The hours of operation are 8am-4pm. The lines are closed on weekends and federal holidays. Always have your file number when calling, so your file may be easily accessed.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Office contact: Melanie Marshall (336) 714-0613 Office; (336) 631-5054 Fax

I understand that failure to comply with these procedures and regulations may result in suspension or termination of my VA Benefits and/or an overpayment from the Veterans Administration for which I accept complete responsibility and agree to reimburse the Veteran Administration for any such over-compensation. If I have any questions concerning certification, benefits, credits, or summer school, I will not hesitate to contact the Certifying Officer.

By Continuing I Agree to all the Above Conditions