Hearing Impairment

Physicians, including otorhinolaryngologists and otologists, are qualified to provide diagnosis and treatment of hearing disorders.  Audiologists may also provide current audiograms.  Documentation for students requesting adjustments based on deafness or hard or hearing must include: 

  • A clear statement of deafness or hearing loss, with a current audiogram that reflects the current impact the deafness or hearing loss has on the student's functioning.
  • Summary and interpretation of the functional implications of the diagonistic data and the hearing aid evaluation, when appropriate.
  • Medical information relating to the student's needs, the state of the individual's hearing (static or changing) and its impact on the demands of the academic program.
  • Statement as to how the functionally limiting evidence or impact of the disabling condition(s) may be accommodated and the degree to which it impacts the learning context for which modifications area being requested.