How to request a note-taker:

At the beginning of the semester:

Schedule your classes six (6) weeks before each semester begins and notify the Office of Disability Support Services of the need of a Note-taker.

If you change your schedule, notify the Office of Disability Support Services immediately (if you notify us too late, it is your responsibility to get class notes, etc. in order to keep up in the course until rescheduling can take place.)

Throughout the semester:

If you plan to miss class, it is your responsibility to notify your Note-taker and the Office of Disability Support Services at least 12 hours before the class begins.

Student Responsibilities When Working With Note-takers

1. First Day of Class

Arrive early to meet the note-taker, introduce yourself and the note-taker to the instructor, and find an appropriate seat.

2. Throughout the semester

Keep in mind all course related questions are directed to your instructor, not the note-taker.

Class assignments are your responsibility.
Meet with the note-taker to discuss abbreviations or to invent abbreviations for specialized vocabulary.  If you do not understand an abbreviation the note-taker has used, ask for clarification.  If you have problems understanding your notes, try discussing it with him/her before coming to OVDSS.

If the note-taker is habitually late or does not show up, please report immediately to the Office of Disability Support Services.

Read information prepared for faculty and note-takers so that you are clear on their roles and responsibilities.

3. Notes/Disks

It is the student’s responsibility to get with the note-taker to decide on the best method to provide the notes from the class, -hand written copy, a disk, CD, or flash drive for notes to be saved on at the end of class.  This is your responsibility, if you do not make arrangements you may not get your notes.

4. Exams

The note-taker will be excused during an exam.  However, it is a good idea to first check with the instructor.  Many times, he/she will continue a lecture following an exam/quiz.

5. Conflict between Student and Note-taker:

You are expected to have a professional, respectful attitude toward the note-taker at all times.  If a conflict arises, first address your concerns with the note-taker.  If the issue is not resolved, bring your concerns to the office.  The Office will make every effort to ensure reasonable and appropriate accommodations.

Note-taker Responsibilities

Note-takers are expected to:

  • Abide by all departmental standards and policies
  • Take notes regarding all audible information (ie: lecture, class comments/discussion)
  • Notify the Office of Disability Support Services if you know you cannot work a scheduled class.  Note-takers are NOT responsible for finding their own replacement.
  • Report any location/time change (temporary or permanent) to the ODSS as soon as they are announced.
  • Wait 15 minutes for a 50-75 minute class and 30 minutes for classes longer than 2 hours unless instructed otherwise.  If the student does not arrive after the appropriate amount of time, the note taker should leave and inform the Office of Disability Support Services of the student’s absence. 

Note-takers should not accept the jobs:

  • Directly from students.  Refer any request to the Office of Disability Support Services.  Any assignment accepted that was NOT APPROVED by the Office Disability Support Services will be the student’s financial responsibility and not that of the University.
  • Conflicting with NCA&TSU obligations (even if is for another A&T student), such as internships, other campus employment, etc.
  • If any other obligations may come into play during the semester.

During a test/quiz, note-takers:

  • Should leave the room.  Student questions regarding the material will be directed only to the instructor. If the test is for the entire class period, the note-taker does not have to attend class that day.

Time Sheets and Payments

  • It is the note-taker’s responsibility to record hours worked on the time sheet provided for the stated time period and returned to the Office Disability Support Services before the deadline date given.  Note-takers will not be paid for holidays or any day where classes are cancelled.  Time sheets turned in after the deadline will be hold over until the next pay period.

Note-takers must meet with the Director of Disability Support Services as a part of the interview process.  Note-takers must meet all of the qualifications set forth by the office.  Note-taker can take notes in more than one class at the discretion of the Director.  Rate of pay for note-taker vary.

Reminders for Note-takers

  • Students at North Carolina A & T State University are adults and are responsible for themselves.  Allow them to make decisions for themselves (i.e. sleeping in class), as they must also take responsibility for those decisions.
  • Note-takers working at NCA&TSU have an obligation, not only to the student, but also to the instructor.  The note-takers may talk to the faculty before / after class regarding classroom logistics, material to be covered, etc.  However, it is NOT appropriate for the instructor to discuss the student with the note-taker.  Questions regarding the nature of academic accommodations that are reasonable for the student should be referred to ODSS.  Accommodations are specific to each student and should be addressed by ODSS staff only.
  • Arriving more than five minutes late or missing an assignment must be reported to the office.  Failure to do so could result in being pulled from assignments.
  • Note-takers are NOT to engage in casual conversation while in the classroom.

Suggestions on Taking Notes for Someone Else