MSC Goals and Learning Outcomes

In this section, learn about our Goals and Outcomes.

MSC Unit Goals:

Goal 1: To create an intellectual climate that encourages the creative exchange of ideas and increases the quality diversity of specific programs and services.

Goal 2: Will be a constant and visual reminder of the University’s commitment to Multiculturalism and Diversity.

Goal 3: Support the efforts of students to establish clubs/organizations and programs consistent with the missions of the Center.

Goal 4: Assist in the coordination and planning of special events to build awareness of and celebrate diversity and building community.

Goal 5: Support all efforts that encourage sensitivity training, cultural and diversity awareness programs and the growth in cultural competency. 

MSC Learning Outcomes:

  • Assist students’ development and appreciation of global issues.
  • Promote cultural competence of diverse world issues.
  • Expose students to leadership, diversity and sensitive opportunities that will help prepare them for a growing and diverse society.
  • Assist students’ ability to network and collaborate more effectively. 
  • Increase the holistic growth and development of students: Intellectual learning, Self-esteem, communication skills, spiritual and professional growth to support current and future opportunities.