Online Student Portal

First-time Incoming Freshmen, Transfer, And Graduate Students

At the website, students can:

    Complete Medical History forms
    Note key medications and key medical conditions
      Upload Immunization documents

Deadline Information: Failure to complete the First-time Immunization Compliance Requirement will result in the inability to register or delay of class registration:

Deadline = Your Scheduled Orientation Date


Submitting your information is easy!

Step 1: Login

Login to The login instructions are provided on the website.  

Step 2: Complete Required Forms

Fill out all 7 required forms. Click the submit button at the bottom of each form.

Step 3: Upload

Upload a copy of your complete immunization record. Make sure that the forms are complete and legible. You will receive an email confirmation once the forms have been reviewed.

Online Student Portal

In the online Student Portal, students can:

Schedule/Cancel appointments

View Patient Education Forms

Receive secure messages from the Student Health Center staff

Complete Pre-Visit intake forms

Complete Pre-Visit appointment forms