Sexual Misconduct Advisors

Trained Sexual Misconduct Advisors for Reporting Individuals

The Sexual Misconduct Advisor is an N.C. A&T staff or faculty member appointed by the Associate Dean of Student Affairs who is trained to support a Title IX complainant and respondent in the student conduct grievance process.

  • While students can elect not to use a Sexual Misconduct Advisor, students are strongly encouraged to choose and to work with them.
  • These Advisors are available at the request of the complainant and respondent.
  • Advisors will be assigned from a pool of advisors. The complainant and respondent may at any time choose to terminate the use of their Advisor or choose not to use one at all.
  • The Advisors will provide information and advice regarding the Student Sexual Misconduct Policy and the campus resources and the campus grievance process.
  • The Advisors may assist the complainant and respondent through the investigation and hearing process.  These Advisors may be present at the hearing but they will not speak at the student conduct hearing or act as a legal advisor at any time.
  • Advisors will be trained and should stay abreast of policy changes.
  • In consultation with other Campus officials, faculty members, Title IX Coordinator, Student Affairs, the Advisor may assist in arranging accommodations regarding interim measures which may include:
    • Change of on-campus student housing to different on-campus location
    • Exam (paper, assignment) rescheduling
    • Taking an incomplete in a class
    • Reassign class
    • Transferring of sections
    • Alternative course completion options

N.C. A&T Advisors

Rashanda Lowery, Chair

Anita L. Wright

Greta Carter

Katherine Welker Wilkerson

Tonya R. Hargett

Stephen Pass