Office of the Dean of Students

The mission of the Office of the Dean of Students is to protect the rights of students and promote ethical and responsible student behavior, both on and off campus, through educational outreach and processes on the standard code of conduct.

The Office of the Dean of Students assists the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs in the overall administration of the Division of Student Affairs, which includes student services, student life, and student development for undergraduate and graduate students.  The office strives to promote campus safety and harmony by maintaining an environment consistent with the educational purposes and operations of the university.

The Dean of Students serves in an advocacy role to improve student life through cooperation and collaboration with the university community.  The Dean of Students is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the university student conduct processes and procedures.

Judicial Affairs Goals

  • To promote campus safety and harmony by bringing student behavior into compliance with the community standard.
  • To educate the student on expected standards of behavior and assist the students to consider in advance the consequences of behavioral infractions.
  • To assist the student in maturely accepting accountability for his/her behavior.
  • To determine with the student the reasons(s) for the misconduct, and make any needed referrals.
  • To assist the student in making responsible choices that enable him/her to assume acceptable roles in society.
  • To provide training on student conduct regulations and conflict management and resolution to students in order to promote ethical conduct and responsible student behavior.
  • To provide leadership training for student groups, upon request.
  • To provide and promote programs that prepare students to become campus stewards and global citizens.