Sometimes, students come to the Counseling Services with problems that may be more effectively addressed in a group counseling setting. Counseling Services' staff facilitate several groups each academic term. We welcome suggestions for groups. Group suggestion form (e-mail or send to Counseling Services at Murphy Hall, Suite 109). Please contact us at 336-334-7727 for additional information.

AD/HD Support Group

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder, ADHD, can interfere with your academic progress by making it difficult to focus and being easily distracted; causing difficulty with organization and planning; increasing impulsivity. Though you may take medication for your ADHD, there may be residual symptoms. If you have ADHD this group is designed for you learn how to manage your symptoms.

Active Minds

Active Minds is a peer advocacy group that seeks to bring awareness and remove the stigma of mental illness. Active Minds members participate in campus-wide events and national programs related to mental health awareness. For more questions about the organization go to:

Anger Management

The group is designed to help you reduce both your emotional feelings and physical reactions associated with anger. Learn new ways to respond to people and situations that are difficult to manage or change. Open to all who want to learn to better control anger.

Assertiveness Trainings

Learn to say 'no' nicely; how to ask an annoying person to stop, without being annoying yourself; and more...

College Life Links

This multifaceted group focuses on discussing how multiple aspects of identity can be leveraged to succeed personally, academically, and professionally.

Healthy Relationships

A support and enrichment group for Aggie couples. Topics discussed include relationships, communication, personality, values, and boundaries.

Love, Sex & Consent: Starting the Conversation

Discussion meetings focused on the topics of consent, healthy boundaries, and healthy sexuality.

Man Up!

The goal of this group is to provide male students attending NCAT opportunities to discuss issues, gain insight, and expand knowledge base regarding manhood. Students regularly attending this group will develop a personal concept of what makes a male a man and the ability to articulate thoughts, feelings and ideas while increasing preparedness for leadership.

Walking to Relax

Mindfulness is a method of training the mind that is growing in popularity due to the wealth of research and brain imaging studies demonstrating its effectiveness. Mindfulness involves learning to pay attention to the present moment rather than worrying or dwelling in the past. The practice is learned through simple exercises that strengthen attention and focus, and help you to manage and prevent stress.