Practicum & Internship for Graduate Students

The Practicum/Internship Training Program at Counseling Services is geared toward assisting the counselor trainee in developing a core of professional competencies or skills that would enable the trainee to function effectively as an entry-level counselor.

Requests for placement should be submitted to the Training Director by Nov. 1 for Spring semester and May 1 for the Fall semester.


The broad goals of the Practicum/Internship Program in counseling are:

  • To expose the trainee to various counseling tools, techniques and strategies
  • To expose the trainee to various assessment techniques and strategies
  • To assist the trainee in his/her professional development
  • To increase awareness of issues related to diversity and ethics
  • To learn outreach approaches for prevention (alcohol/drugs, suicide, etc.) on a college campus
  • To develop skills in group therapy through observation and possible co-leadership


Letter to prospective trainees from the Training Coordinator

Internship Application form