You are welcome to visit or call Counseling Services, and speak with a staff member regarding your concern about a student’s mental health or life situation. Typical callers would voice their concerns and strategize with a counselor about how to help guide the student toward getting assistance and support. If you choose to identify the student of concern by name, you should know that whenever we receive information about a student the information is documented in a file. Students who become clients have legal access to their file and may become aware of your communication with us. Counseling Services cannot disclose any information about clients without a signed Release of Information, including attendance at an appointment. Counseling Services honors and follows the legal and ethical standards on confidentiality. For more information about helping a student of concern, please contact Counseling Services.

Faculty Workshops

Counseling Services will provide workshops on psychological issues that are of interest to faculty and departments. Our workshop handouts are available here. If you would like to schedule a training, please submit the Guest/Speaker Workshop Request Form.

School/Department Liaisons

Counselors are assigned as liaisons to campus schools/departments and residence halls. The purpose of the liaison program is to personally connect with units across campus. Therapists serve as consultants and referral sources to individuals who are seeking advice. This may be regarding a student and/or to regularly share general information about Counseling Services.