Mission Statement

The purpose of Counseling Services is to assist students in accomplishing their personal, academic, and career goals through counseling, testing and enrichment programs. To accomplish its mission, Counseling Services has a well developed set of goals that are consistent with the mission of the university and the goals of the Division of Student Affairs.


  • Provide high quality individual and group counseling services to students who may be experiencing psychological, academic, career or behavioral difficulties
  • Provide programming focusing upon the developmental needs of students and maximize their potential to benefit from the academic environment
  • Provide testing and evaluative assessment services to help foster student self understanding and decision making
  • Provide professional development opportunities for staff including in-service training programs, workshops and other continuing education activities
  • Provide consultative services to North Carolina A&T State University to make the environment as beneficial as possible for the intellectual, emotional and physical development of students
  • Conduct research, planning and training programs that will be responsive to internal as well as external needs