Career Search Letters

During your professional tenure, there are several letters that may become necessary within the career search process.  The most commonly used letter, the cover letter, supplements the resume and is not always required for consideration for job opportunities (i.e. Career Fairs, Information Sessions, etc.).  It is a document that introduces your resume by summarizing your knowledge, skills, abilities, and experiences; however, cover letters are most effective when written in a way that demonstrates how your skill set aligns with a particular position or an organization (in general).  Cover letters are recommended especially when requested by an employer or when attempting to win the interest of a company/organization in which you desire to be employed.

In addition to the cover letter, thank you letters are used to express gratitude for the opportunity to interview for any opportunity, and should be sent within 24 hours of the conclusion of your interview.  To add a personal touch, it is recommended that thank you letters are handwritten on pre-printed thank you cards.  Follow-up letters will allow you to receive an update on the status of a hiring decision, and should only be utilized in appropriate situations or circumstances.  Graduate & Professional School letters/essays are often required as part of the graduate school application process, and should be written according to the guidelines stated per the application instructions.

What if you’ve never created a career search letter?  Maybe you have a letter but it needs work?  Ready to get started?  If so, check out the following:

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