How to Prepare for Interview

Employers expect today’s applicants to be ready for the interview.  Sitting passively in an interview will not get you the job.  Research is necessary.  Employers expect interview candidates to be more knowledgeable and aware of industry trends.  Preparation is the key to getting a job.  Listed are some general guidelines in preparing for your interviews.

  • Know Yourself
    • What you want to do and where you want to do it
    • What you have to offer
    • Skills, accomplishments and goals
    • Complete the Self-Assessment for Interviewing (attached) 
  • Look the Part
    • Conservative well tailored look in suit, shoes and accessories
    • Minimal jewelry
    • Well-groomed appearance (hair, nails, etc.)
    • Minimal use of perfume or aftershave
  • Research the Company and the Job
    • Internet
    • Career Resource Center
    • Company literature
    • Library
    • Faculty
    • Friends
    • On site observation/Current employees
  • How to Answer and Ask the Right Questions
    • Anticipate key questions
    • Review and practice answering the most commonly asked interview questions (see next pages)
    • Demonstrate interest in the company/position through your questions (attached)
  • Effective Communication Skills
    What you say (verbal) must match your body language (non-verbal) or people will pay more attention to your body language and not what you are saying
    • Verbal:  clear, concise, relevant responses
    • Non-verbal: good eye contact, good posture, appropriate facial expressions and hand gestures
  • Follow-up After the Interview
    Send a note of appreciation thanking the employer and restating interest in the company (Not always recommended for on-campus interviews)