Dress for Success

Different companies and industries have different norms as it relates to business dress.  The majority of organizations in all industries, however, have very similar expectations when it comes to interview attire.  The standard protocol is professional dress - which means a conservative, well-tailored suit for both men and women.  Although a business suit may not serve as the everyday work attire for an organization, recruiters expect candidates to present business professional attire during a job interview. Though it may seem petty, appearance is critical to first impressions.  Not presenting a polished look has the potential to cost job seekers the offer and/or current employees the promotion.
If you get a little confused when you hear or read the terms professional dress, business casual or casual attire, you are not alone.  However, one thing you must recognize is that there is a difference, and your ability to dress the part will have a huge effect on your future career opportunities.  Remember, employers in the United States have a legal right to ask you to adhere to dress codes.

For more information on professional, business casual and casual dress, visit the website SYMS Dress to Achieve.

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