On-campus Recruiting (OCR)

On-campus Recruiting (OCR) consists of any type of activity that requires the employer to physically or virtually connect to campus (i.e., on-campus interviews, employer meetups/information sessions, campus visits with deans/chairpersons/faculty, lobby days, classroom visitation, workshop facilitation, resume collects, etc.). Fall OCR begins on the first business day in October and continues through the last business day in November. Spring OCR begins on the third Tuesday in January and ends on the 15th of April (or the closest business day). There are exceptions within the recruiting period when the OCS does not schedule recruiting activities. These are the Friday prior to Homecoming, Fall/Spring Break, and University Reading Day/Exams. Refer to the Career Services/University Calendars.

On-campus Interviews

Employers are only allowed to interview currently enrolled N.C. A&T students who are seeking a degree and alumni of the university. There are three types of interview schedules: Open, Pre-Select and Room Only.

An Open Schedule allows students who meet the screening criteria (set by the employer) to sign-up immediately (first-come basis). The screening criteria can be based on major, GPA, classification, work authorization, and/or graduation date. This type of schedule requires a four-week lead-time (prior to the proposed day of the interview) in order to accommodate OCS review, approval, posting/marketing, and student sign-ups.

A Pre-select Schedule allows students who meet the screening criteria to submit their resume against the schedule. The employer can then review the resumes and invite only the selected students to sign-up. A pre-select schedule can be converted to an open schedule if the employer wishes to allow more time for applicants who may have missed the resume submission period to apply. This type of schedule requires a six-week lead-time (prior to the proposed day of the interview) in order to accommodate OCS review, approval, posting/marketing, student resume submission, employer review/approval, and final sign-ups.

A Room Only schedule means that the office is only providing the employer with an interview room(s). The schedule is generated by the recruiter based on interaction during a career fair, information session or other on-campus activity. The employer makes all of the arrangements directly with the student including providing the student with the interview date, time, and location. Submit a copy of the schedule to the OCS prior to the interview day.

Interviews may be held from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Keep in mind the last interview must end by 5 p.m. The employer lunch period is typically observed from noon until 1 p.m. with the next interview beginning at 1:30 p.m.

Employers may select from the following time intervals:

30 minutes - yields 12 interview time slots

45 minutes - yields 8 interview time slots

1 hour - yields 6 interview time slots

Career Services has 12 interview rooms that are equipped with a desk and two chairs. We suggest no more than two interviewers per room. Pre-arrangements will need to be made for a panel, telephone or virtual style setup. Interviewers have access to reserved recruiter parking, guest wireless connection, copy/fax (limited), and beverages. Campus dining is located within close proximity of the office, which makes it convenient for employers to walk to locations during the lunch period.

Virtual Interviews

If an employer plans to engage in a virtual (i.e. Skype, Go-to-Meeting) and/or telephone interview, although it will not occur on campus, a request should be made via the employer’s AggieLink account. Login to AggieLink > Select Event > Information Session > Request New Information Session. Select virtual interview or telephone interview as the appropriate event type. This process will enable the activity to be added to the employer’s record for administrative purposes only. The event will not be viewable by students. In addition; it helps to keep the office abreast in case a student wishes to utilize an interview room within career services to engage in the activity. A list of all interviewees should be emailed to ocs@ncat.edu or faxed to the office at (336) 334-7018.

Include the following information:

Employer name, contact name, phone number and email

Interviewee name

Interview type (full-time, co-op, or internship)

Interview time

Interview method (telephone, Skype, etc.)

Request an On-campus Interview Date

Login to AggieLink

Click OCR > Schedules > Request a Schedule

Complete the required fields designated by the red asterisk

Click Submit when finished

View OCR Applicants/Interviews

If there are any applicants, they will appear on your home screen under “Alerts”; Click “The Number of Students Awaiting Review for OCR Positions” OR

Click OCR > Applicants

Making an Offer

When you are ready to make an offer to an applicant, please allow ample time for the individual to effectively consider the offer and make the best decision. We suggest a minimum of two weeks. For more information on offer deadlines, refer to the guidelines outlined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.