Job Postings/ Resume Collect

Job Postings or Resume Collects are an excellent ways to advertise career opportunities especially if visiting campus is a challenge. This is a free service to employers. An AggieLink employer account is needed in order to post positions. The OCS will advertise a job posting as long as it does not violate recruiting policies or is from a third party or suspected fraudulent employer. If an employer is found to be fraudulent or pertinent information is missing from the account, the position will automatically be rejected.

Employers can determine the start and end date of their posting as well as the screening criteria for potential applicants (i.e., major, GPA, classification, work authorization). Only those individuals who meet the screening criteria will be allowed to apply to the posting. Setting specific screening criteria and restricting applications saves the employer a great deal of review time.

Note: A Job Posting can be converted to an on-campus interview schedule at any time during recruiting season (Fall: October - November and Spring: January - April). Contact the office if you wish to convert your posting. A Resume Collect cannot be converted to an on-campus recruiting schedule. The employer will need to create a new On-campus Interview Schedule.

To Post a Position or Collect Resumes

  1. Log on to
  2. Click Employers > AggieLink
  3. Enter your username and password
  4. Click Jobs and Internships > Job Postings > Post a Job

To Reactivate an Existing Job Posting (Position)

Repeat Steps 1-4 above
Click the Copy Existing dropdown box under Position Information (You may have to click the Show Archived button if your position does not appear in the dropdown).
Update the required fields accordingly. 

To View Applicants

If there are any applicants, they will appear on your AggieLink home screen under Alerts; or
Click Jobs and Internships > Student Resumes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              We suggest you download your applicant packets prior to your posting expiration date. This will allow you to access them at a later time. A job posting email reminder will be sent to you from CSM Symplicity approximately one week before it expires. After the position closes, you will no longer have access to the applicant packets. You will need to contact the Office of Career Services for assistance.